The High-Vibe Way to Wellness!

Hi and welcome! I’m so glad you’ve taken a moment to stop by! If I had to guess, I’d say you’re here because you’re looking for a different way to be in your body and a new way to relate to the food you put in it.

A way where you could love it for all the goodness it brings and from that place of gratitude, make some changes to how you live in your body. This includes how you nourish and move your body.

You want energy and a healthy metabolism AND to add more plants into your diet, maybe you find yourself in a rut, caught up in a busy life, lack of planning or giving up.


I’ve bullied, hated on, and mistreated my body for so long and that didn’t change anything. It was only when I made the choice to love who I am, just as I am that things began to shift.

I chose to pay attention to my body’s signals, follow my instincts when choosing foods and preparing meals.

I chose to Love my Body Positive, and add more plants, subtract heavy lower vibration foods and nourish my Spirit, as well as my mind and body.  I’ve noticed that many people treat their body like it’s a machine , and that’s one way of looking at it.

If you’re here though, odds are that you believe there’s something more.

Choosing vibrant high-vibe living IS just a choice. That’s all.

And I’m not even talking about a choice between ice cream or salad, either.

It’s the choice to love yourself more fully and with gratitude.

*It’s the choice to care for your body as the sacred home of your amazing soul, making choices from that place.

*It’s the choice to release the judgement and the fear and trust that you really can have a body you love being in, no matter the size or shape.

What could change for you if you opened up to a different choice than the one you’ve been making all along?

How would your life look different if you adored your sweet body, trusted it to tell you what it needs, and ate more vibrant/high frequency food? (That’s called instinctual eating and I do it. Big change! Seriously.)

Would you be willing to look at all that can be different for you? Then I invite you to connect privately with me and share what’s going on. I’ll offer options, share all about how to find your Healthy Goddess Archetype, that will open the door for you.

Where are you in your wellness journey? I’ve found that a lot of people don’t know, or are afraid to look.

Everything from not wanting to admit what you eat to being afraid to see what the scale says.

Is this you?


Truth is, it’s so much more than just what you eat, though diet is important, it’s just as much about sorting out the energy imbalances in your subtle body and choosing foods that raise you up.


Cleaning up your body by cleaning up your lifestyle, would you like help with that?


Goal setting in the way many people do it doesn’t always work. Have you found that? I have personally set so many goals and fallen flat on my butt after I didn’t lose that 20 pounds by my birthday. What’s the big secret?

Get clear about your food and lifestyle choices

~Discover your Healthy Goddess Archetype! who are you on the deepest level? What’s your story?~Learn about your energy-patterns, chakras and vibrations and what they have to do with improving your physical health.

~Create practical awareness around your health habits. Plan and track improvement.

~How to eat for your energetic type. It’s more than just choosing a healthy diet. It’s about the frequency of your food and the effect it has on all of you. High Vibe Living!

~Raise your vibration through nutrition and wellness choices!

~Create specific, measurable goals and new approaches to reach them.

~Build custom plant based meal plans based on your unique schedule and lifestyle.

~Learn how to create sustainable healthy habits and a plant based lifestyle.

~Tips and tricks to instinctively prepare healthy meals in a way that matches your energy and your lifestyle.

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