Times are Changing!

I’m rolling out some new & exciting services, but not just yet! I’m just about ready to open the curtains on some amazing new programs. For you.

I’m opening my doors  in mid-October to offer both Private Wellness Coaching and Group Coaching to people wanting to prevent dis-ease, release weight, and embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

A few highlights:

KSC nutrition pic*How to get started on a plant-based or plant-heavy diet.

*Learn easy ways to choose healthy foods that are so yummy, you WANT them (no forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like.)

*Meal planning.

*Cooking ideas.

*Basic plant-based nutritional information, (like about plant protein, or the importance of gut health.)

*You’ve tried so many “diets” yet keep losing and gaining the same weight.

*Learn how to create meal plans that work.

*Make sure you are getting a balanced diet, taking a look at your current diet.

*Information on what energy anatomy, why it’s important, and how to eat and live to raise your vibration (and what that means!)

Want to make sure you don’t miss the memo come mid-October?

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