Are you a bully to your body?


What is your body trying to say to you?


body positiveDo you happily celebrate your body with regular movement?

Do you honor your body through the food you choose to eat?

Do you see your body as the sacred vehicle that holds you up?

Are you able to look in the mirror without judging yourself?

Body positiveIf you answered ‘no’ to these questions then you may not be truly hearing or honoring your body.  What do you feel your body wants?

 Does it want to be judged and hated?

Imagine your body as another person. Would you treat another person the way you treat your body? If you did would you be considered a bully? Think about it.


What’s better, a perfect diet?

or a love an appreciation for your beautiful body?

These are just things to consider in your journey towards love and acceptance for your body.

Cultivate that body-love and then you will WANT to nourish your body in the way it needs.

Would you like some help with that?


kelly st claireKelly has a full insight and experience of what your energy body and vibration has to do with your physical health. She adds this knowledge and experience to her health and nutrition coaching.

That’s what’s missing from many of these nutrition and physical improvement programs.

Her mission is to guide and inspire others to enjoy a “high vibe” plant based diet to raise their frequency in both the physical and energetic bodies to experience perfect health, release weight and find wellness and joy.

Her passion is to help you gain control of your health and body acceptance so you can learn how to do things like intuitively plan and prepare meals and make healthy, nurturing dietary and lifestyle choices.

Her approach is unique in that it’s not only the mechanics of nutrition and wellness, but also the vibrant life force that’s behind ALL of it!

 To contact Kelly, drop a line HERE.

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