Find out what’s missing through the Akashic records (free offer)

What part of your essence are you not expressing, and how would it affect your life if you were able to connect with those powerful aspects of you, your life and the message you express?


First of all, what is your essence?

Your essence is the core of who you are,  it contains your talents, drives and it defines the way in which you can lead a successful and integrated life.


How do you find out about your essence?

Since it is already alive within you, though usually ALL of it is not being expressed, you can find it by being quiet and paying attention. This is not an easy thing to do and sometimes it takes an outside observer to see into you and your patterns. It is a great practice to ask a trusted friend to share with you how THEY experience you. You can find out how you appear to others, and sometimes where you shine that you had no idea about.


Your core essence is contained within the Akashic Records.


Every part of you, your history, your future (though I believe that those things are all happening at once, time is an illusion.) The Akashic Records are a like a library which contains your soul and all of it’s patterns and lessons. The records are there for you to learn all about your essence. Your “life purpose” lives there. The soul contracts you have with others live there. The records can be opened and that information can be made available to you.


What happens when I connect with my ‘essence’?

Connecting with and uncovering/activating parts of you that are not currently being expressed is a powerful tool for self growth and acceptance, also having those insights will help you be SEEN by others and express your unique message into the world.



Most people have essential pieces of their soul’s core that are hidden and not being shared with the world. Most people also experience a disconnect between that INNER core essence and the OUTER way it is expressed into the world.

Connecting the inner with the outer is so important and it is so often overlooked and deemed as unimportant.


Expressing the beauty within by shifting your outer expression will bring you and your message more power and you will reach more people and leave your mark on the world.

If you are working on getting your business off the ground, or working on healing your relationship patterns or issues, it you are feeling misunderstood and a lack of connection with those around you (which leads to loneliness) doing the work necessary to uncover and express your essence is extremely effective.


I am making a special offer about how I can access the Akashic Records and help you discover and express forgotten parts of your essence very soon, hop on my email list at the end of this post to take me up on my offer.


I am offering free email reports detailing *one* part of your essence that is not being expressed. This knowledge will help bring awareness to the parts of your life that feel ineffective.  How it works it that I need to receive your permission to access your Akashic Records, and I will share with you the information I will need.


This is a time and quantity limited offer. I can only do so many, so I have space for 9 at this time. If I am full by the time you contact me, I will have a waiting list for the next time I open this opportunity.


You will receive vital information revealed through the records and information is power. I will also share how I can support you, of if mot me, how you can receive the support you need.

This is completely free, it is my service to you. 


So SIGN up below with your name and email and contact me to receive your personal report.









Write your manifesto, capture your essence

What would it be like to know exactly who you are and what you stand for? Would you be more effective in expressing yourself and living a life that feeds you and brings you joy? What would it be like to walk through life brimming with confidence, able to see clearly and know exactly what you want and how to get there?

Do you feel that there’s something missing? Is there something that you can’t quite put your finger on that’s just missing in your life? It’s holding you back and keeping you from feeling fully at ease in your life’s message?


*Who are you inside?

*What do you believe?

*Are you expressing it?


I have a solution for you. Something so simple, but not always easy.


Writing your Manifesto!


The first time I tried to write my intentional Manifesto, I was going through a difficult period in my life. I felt defeated and was having everything from money troubles to troubles with certain relationships in my life. I was definitely disconnected with my inner soul identity, the essence that made me who I am. I can still remember crying over the blank page before me. I was alone in a coffee shop. Pen and paper all ready to be filled with this assignment from my coach, one that must be finished by that afternoon. Disgustedly I closed that notebook and left, feeling frozen and empty.

If I didn’t know what I stood for, how could I possibly create the life I desired, the very reason I hired a coach in the first place. 

It took some time and life experience, but eventually I was able to create something. I was ready, and once I was, the words flowed onto the paper. I will share it at the end of this article.


Manifestos can come in many forms, not only a written work. It is a great way to let your creative self out to play, and I encourage that. I was working with someone else at the time I wrote my first Manifesto, she helped loosen me up, and opened me to the possibilities. I am to this day very grateful that the right help came along at exactly the time I was ready and needed it.


I am switching the focus of my business a bit. I want to announce it here before I change things around on the site. I have been guided to help you write your own Manifesto. CLICK HERE to see my offer.



The SHIMMY Manifesto! 


How to shimmy on three levels! Dive down into the dance of life.

Shimmy your body~~

Shake is, move it and flaunt it. Shake it in an act of self-love. Love that ‘jiggle’…Look around at all of the other bodies, they have the courage to shake it up a bit. So do you! You may have to dig a little deeper and look around at those around you. Not to compare your bodies in judgment, but celebrate them and allow yourself to be swept up into that wave of boldness! If SHE can do it, so can *I*!! 

Love the ‘jiggle’ it’s soft and yielding, it’s also small, petite, large, curvy, it’s skinny, it’s fat. All of those bodies have one thing in common, they each have a unique shimmy. Just as no two people have the same fingerprint, no two shimmies are alike.

In order to shake it free, you must let go of trying, it’s time to just throw out all of the overthinking and act on the impulse to shimmy. You know you want to!

You can shimmy anywhere!

You can shimmy in carpool line, in the grocery line (some shimmies are small) you can shimmy large in your living room. You can move around while shimmying or if you are feeling lower energy, you can shimmy in place…. anywhere!! (and a little shimmy is all you need to amp up that abundant energy waiting to be tapped into)

It’s a challenge to ‘hold’ the shimmy. The only answer is that there is no answer, you can’t TRY, you must BE the shimmy, if you try too hard your shimmy will either look/be: forced, or it will peter our completely.

Shimmy your mind.

dig in your heels and feel~ Are you resisting the shimmy? Feeling fear and resistance (and self consciousness) do it anyway. Ashamed of that belly? Relax! you are a powerhouse of possibility! Tuck that top into your bra and let that belly be seen, no need to feel ashamed of it. Look around at all of the other bellies. What do you feel as you allow that vibrato in your body?

There are all kinds of shimmies. Full body shimmies, the booty shimmy, chest shimmy (read: shake the girls) leg shimmies… Also, feelings come in all shapes and sizes, moods and feelings both easy and difficult. The solution is in the allowing, you can’t make yourself shimmy, you must allow it. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, let it light you up and fill you with every color! (of course you don’t have to like every single color, allow yourself to experience them anyways!! Life is large! Don’t you want to feel it all?

Above all, connect with the rhythm and find the pulse of the song and realize that shimmying doesn’t have to be hard. It is easy.

Shimmy your spirit~~~ 

“I am illusive” says the shimmy. “I disappear, like a dream, when you try to capture me, “I exist, but there is a secret to me.”

“I require both focus and releasing focus. You must set your GPS to SHIMMY and then stop trying to study the map!! Just let the GPS do it’s job. You set your intention and it’s not your job to worry about getting there!!”

Shimmy is not only a dance in the flesh and it’s not only a state of mind.

The shimmy represents your very existence! Yes, the shimmy is vast and it is everything. Just as a drop of water is a part of a huge ocean, the shimmy is an energy, a vibration just as all beings are also made of energy. The universe is ‘energy soup’ and the shimmy is a cracker after it has dissolved. Both yummy and not separate from the whole of the soup in the bowl.

The shimmy gets better with practice the same as you get conditioned to slip into deeper meditation the more you practice. You’re creating connections each time you choose to shimmy. Connection to spirit, connection to others (because shimmying is contagious) and connection with yourself.



Is caring about your beauty superficial?

Is caring about your beauty superficial? and what can you do when you just feel “ugly?”


You know what I mean. Some days you just feel off your game, bad hair days, clothes don’t fit. It’s hard to pin an exact reason but you just feel plain ugly!


I have one question: How can you be a positive force for change and touch lives if you’re all caught up in feeling “ugly” and not able to walk upright and confident?

I know when I have felt this way and expressed it out loud I have been told everything from “It’s the inner that matters, it doesn’t matter how you are on the outside.” to “you are not ugly, that is silly!” or, “You are not ugly, you are beautiful!” The latter being the nicer thing. Each statement has one thing in common.



They all gloss over your very real “ugly” & “fugly” feelings, not being at the top of your game. It is intended kindness in most cases, and among many different sects of spirituality it really is seen as being “superficial” to be concerned about such things and even looked down on for caring. It’s the inner part of you that matters, right?



Let’s look at what “superficial” means at it’s core. Let’s no longer demonize it!


Superficial= on the surface. It’s only part of the equation. When you draw on both the inner and the outer it’s powerful to use that surface to magnify the beauty that is from down deep.

Is surface not important? Reclaim “superficial” and use it as a tool to to powerfully project your inner spirit and inner love.
I am not saying to put pressure on yourself and to be your own worst critic, I am just wanting to give you a few options for when you are feeling ugly.

Before I even launch into my ideas, I want to affirm that YOU and a beautiful soul down to the core. No two people possess the exact same beauty. We are all a unique blend. It takes practice to align the inner and outer in such a powerfully congruent way.

5 ways to reclaim your beauty



1. Beauty and the bath.

Nurture (overused word= deeply care for and tend to yourself) Think about the highest potential expression of your inner love and beauty and treat that spark of divinity as such. Cleanliness next to Godliness, tend to your physical vehicle. Annoint those feet, and the rest of you as well! Nice fragrances that put you in an elevated state of mind. Elevate senses= show up for the world (yourself and others) in a divine and holy way.


Circulate chi/energy through your body. Blood moves oxygen (chi) through your entire body . Exercise motivation to be healthy so your body will not only feel better, it reflects out into the world through how you FEEL, and if we’re honest, we feel much better when we’re on point with the way we look. Do everything you can to be the very best you that exists and just strive, do your best and move your body.
It’s not all about the “six pack” and the hourglass shape, it’s your projection (how you EXPRESS yourself in the world) So, it’s about intention.
Dancing freeform is one of the best ways to move because you are expressing and moving at the same time. If you are to be able to dance, you must be able to let go of your inhibitions a bit and that’s when your inner spirit peeks out to touch other lives.

3. Wear the damn jeans!

Accept your size and shape. Yes, there are stretch jeans that are really comfy. if jeans aren’t your thing, find something else that you are really wanting to wear after you feel better about yourself. AFTER losing weight, getting over that depression, getting past distractions and busy times, etc…

4. Come out of hiding (to yourself)…

buy a bra that fits. No hiding the “girls”… and wear clothes that accentuate your shape rather than hiding behind a tent. Honestly, I know this is a toughie, and deep-rooted. I still grapple with it, but as awareness grows I begin to dress for my body and as a result I feel more beautiful and powerful.


Heather Addley Photography

Heather Addley Photography

Crystals can stabilize your energy, ground you and raise your vibration. Crystals can support beauty as well as aid in wight release. See this article for more information about weight release and This one for connecting with crystals to help you love yourself and feel beautiful! I urge you to read the detailed articles if you have an interest. I explain HOW crystals work in a scientific and also a practical way.


6. look at yourself in the mirror.

Even gaze at yourself, each day. Get used to the realities of your appearance. I have this one line on my face that I keep noticing and would find myself resisting. While taking care of my skin is an important thing, I realized that I was slathering on lotions to that one line (and the smaller lines around it) JUST to hide it. The intention behind my skin care practices weren’t in revering my body as a temple of sacred divinity, it was in hiding “imperfections” This doesn’t fly, and as a result of this mindset, I was feeling really ugly because of that damn line.


OK, I have this line on my face, and it is a part of my face. I am getting older and short of surgery I am likely to always have this line. So when I care for my skin I am going to shift my thinking and not “plump out” the wrinkles and “fill” the lines. I have the line, no stopping time. I look at it and accept that it is there.
I also have this body that doesn’t always look like an “after” picture. I love it though and if I am going to make any changes there, I HAVE to start at point A, and that is in knowing where I am at in my journey. Have I been lost? The only way to get un-lost is to figure out where I asm and I can do it by looking at myself honestly. (This goes for attitudes and thought patterns as well)


6. Connect…

With friends, with family. Seek that depth of connection. It starts with connecting with yourself. You can then, in a sense, sit back and allow the connections to come out of the woodwork. You may be surprised, just be observant. Each day keep a connection journal and take note of every instance where you felt “heard” and acknowledged. It can either be through hearing a song that speaks back to you, someone reaching out to you (even a stranger) It may not come from where you might expect. keep an open mind.



Habitual self talk can be destructive and keep you frozen where you are.

Seek connection with a healing coach or mentor.

Be open for the *right* one to come along.

There are a great many coaches out there, some will be a fit and others will not resonate with you.

If you’re wanting to make a lasting change, support is your friend and having an accountability partner and guide is invaluable for lasting change. 


If you’re interested in going deeper and discovering your own beauty (both inner and outer) then CONTACT ME HERE to book a no strings attached 30 minute call with me.  Completely free.  Your opinion of yourself affects everything from your business to your love life. It definitely affects your prosperity, in all things. 

I am really good at helping you find that inner core, that part of yourself that lives an inspired life. I will also help you dig for ideas and the motivation to follow through and make your life worth really living. Live fully, don’t just exist. 

Do you have a vision for your life?


Do you long to be creative but lack the inspiration at the moment?

Have you lost your moxy, parted with your pizzazz?

Do you wonder how you will be able to jump start that inner spark?

Have you been living and thinking small?


Do you have a vision for your life?


I have been there, I have had shards of my vision floating all around me, but it was hard to catch them and put them together into something I could create and dive into.

Sometimes I would have huge ideas pop into my head, and I would sometimes write them down and even build on them, but they would eventually get lost while I was keeping up with my mundane life. I am a visionary and I like to see the big picture, but my ‘big pic’ when I tried to capture it tended to be small in the grand scheme of things, it reflected all of my insecurities. Believe me, I have lived through many failed dreams and have allowed huge things to float away from me.


Through the process of experimentation, failures and successes, I discovered a few things that were vital in the carrying out of my big ideas and living into my vision.


1.  Look at the big picture. Dream big.

Visualize your dreams, feel them, write them down, plan them out. Write them in your calendar and find a strategy.  Sometimes finding a strategy is the challenging part, seek out help  if you’re having a hard time with finding a strategy. there are coaches and teachers who offer one time appointments or classes/groups with others who can help you refine your strategies and give you ideas. These are very valuable and I can tell you from experience that they help. I have made lasting and supportive friendships with others who help me along the way as well as those I can offer help to, the cycle of giving and receiving.

2. Take action.

All of the dreaming in the world is useless unless you act on it. Your calendar dates will pass by fruitlessly unless you act from your strategies. Make a list each day in the morning (or the night before) of exactly what you are going to do to enact your plans and DO THEM. Set up a schedule and stick to it. I will admit that this has been a challenge for me. Since I work from home I have had distractions. I have had to really discipline myself to keep my appointments with myself and it has really helped.

3.  Prepare for success.

Plan out what you are going to do when your desired dreams come true (you MAKE them come true.) If it is about creating more income, where will it go? How will you spend it and where will you put it? If it is about new clients, how will you accommodate them? If it is about creating a masterpiece (artwork, writing or anything else creative,) where will you hang it? where will you publish it? Get the idea? You must have a plan or else you will never live into your bigger vision.


4. Connect with your spiritual source.

Make a daily connection with your inner wisdom, your spiritual guidance system however you experience it. It could be spirit guides, angels, your form of God or Goddess, your inner light, source energy. Follow the tiny voices that lead you into an inspired life. Let go of your static ideas and go with the flow. There is power in allowing, and quiet, meditation and receiving from the spirit world.

5. Have someone to hold the vision for you.

Perhaps this is the most important one. Through my own experiences, having a coach who holds the vision for me, who believes in me and my success and doesn’t buy into my bullshit stories of mot being good enough or capable enough, is invaluable and VITAL. Of course you will get lost along the way, especially if you are dreaming big. A coach/guide’s purpose is not just to cheerlead you, they believe in you and the good ones lovingly and fiercely believe in you and your capability to live into your biggest dreams. They take the dreams out of the abstract realm and help you make them a reality.

Holding your vision isn’t always easy to do on your own, it is ok to ask for help. Join a mastermind, hire a coach, partner with someone who also sees the big picture and believes in your ability to live large.


If you need help in any way, I am here to help. I can either share my own offerings, or help connect you with someone who is a good fit. It is my honor to serve, it is my pleasure to help. Contact me here if you could use a helping hand.







Change happens. How to end a relationship.

When it’s time to make a change, how do you handle it? Do you resist it until it forces itself? Do you get forceful and force it?  Do you allow it? Are you aggressive or passive in change-making?


I am all of the above. Right now I am allowing a change that I have a quiet acceptance of. Coming to the place of acceptance wasn’t easy, I had to summon up all of my courage, but change doesn’t wait that long and sometimes you have to make the change in your mind and energy before it becomes a physical reality.


I have ended a relationship in my head, with my will and I have shifted the energy, now I am waiting for the right time to become more aggressive.

I am searching for a win/win, which I know is there. BUT, if things don’t start moving soon, I will become more forceful on the physical realm. That’s the way I roll (this time.)


Is it easy? Absolutely not! Is it affecting my work? Not as much this time because of my inner energy shift and the cord cutting I received from a dear friend (the same method that I work with when helping others with cords of attachment.)


The shift was immediate, my intention was to no longer triggered, and I am not.

He acted different the moment the cord cutting was complete. This process really is miraculous. I still have love, but it is more pure, less toxic and it is unconditional. I can let go with no bad feelings, only purity and compassion.

I highly recommend this process with anyone who is triggering you in any way, I felt elated and almost giddy. I felt free after the process. By the way, the cord cutting will not end the relationship, it will make it better by removing the toxic energy patterns and the emotional pulling and tugging, leaving only unconditional love. It is excellent when you are either ending OR saving a relationship. 


How will it all turn out? I am still not sure. I know I feel strong and courageous. I am honestly no longer triggered by things that once drove me crazy, but I have made up my mind. I have clarity and I am now free, even though it is still in process.

How do you handle the ending of a relationship? Are you going through this process right now? Are you wondering about a relationship and don’t know how to proceed? 


Does it feel scary and are you unsure if you have the courage to take action?


Of course there are fears. I have been going back and forth between fear, sadness and acceptance, but I have clarity and freedom even though I am smack in the middle of the breakup. Right in the eye of the storm. I now feel even more like a worthy guide, a helper of others through this process. I work with women in all stages of life, especially through shift and change. I help those who need to make changes and create something new.


One of the things I do, besides cord cutting, is I am life guide, teacher and coach. I bring it all to the table and while we are working together, you are the focus. Your life is an art, and you are an artist.  I have created a program called CAST a SPARK, which is designed to help you find beauty in all things. It is the perfect place to be while you are going through any kind of shift, there is abundant support and love.


Cast a spark is a program that will help you shift through change and feel beautiful and worthy through the storm. It is part group, part private, it will support you in creating the life you want. read more here.


If you would rather have more of a private experience, to go deeper, I also offer private coaching. Please contact me if you would like to talk about whether or not this is for you. I have several options, if you want to work together, and it is a good fit, we will make it happen.


If you only would like a cord-cutting, I offer that as a stand alone service, see more here. 


During the Cast a Spark program there are group calls as well as private coaching sessions to tailor this program directly for you, and for many people, it involves (and includes) a cord cutting before any real change can take place.


I feel like I have received a sacred key from the universe, and I am no longer afraid to use it. I feel compelled to use it to help others find peace and acceptance and COURAGE during breakups with either people or situations. Letting go of what no longer works or support you in life.


If you have any questions, please CONTACT me.


A few ways the Tarot lives in my soul

The tarot lives in my soul. I love the art, the symbols, the feel of the cards as they shuffle in my hands, even the smell of the card stock. I love the books and descriptions penned by various authors and the way the cards help me to connect with the person across from me.

Many times the cards will point out something that needs to be unearthed, something that has been ignored a bit too long and for the growth of the one who is asking, needs to be seen and recognized.

Many times the card images evoke a feeling that is hard to define, a more intuitive wind, less easy to explain, not necessarily connected to traditional meanings.

Many times during a coaching session, I pull out my decks, many a session has needed to be an intuitive check in, recap and regroup before we can get on to the meat of the matter.

Once or twice a year I teach a Tarot class in person in Richmond, VA and that is coming up next week!

I will be offering two evenings of intuitive readings as well as two sessions of classes. One a basic (good for beginners and beyond, come with an open mind to learn even if you are a 3rd generation reader.) Call the shop for an appointment (very limited) (804) 320-9200

The second round will be a continuing class. I don’t like calling it advanced, because the techniques will be accessible to beginners as well. We just will be going in a bit deeper and getting more into our innate intuitive abilities and how they mesh with our card work.



If you would like to attend, here is the information.

It will be at: Stony Point Fashion Park, at 9200 Stony Point Parkway, 
Richmond, VA 23235

Number to register: (804) 320-9200


Unlocking the Secrets of the Tarot with Kelly St. Claire

Step by step hands-on learning! Release your inhibitions to intuitively interpret the symbolism of the Tarot Cards! This 3-week class includes how to get in tune; how to dive into interpretation even if you have no knowledge of the cards, tips to help you develop your skills even further, and much more. These classes are jam-packed with hands-on learning activities that are designed to bring you to an understanding of Tarot, how it works and how you tap into it! Before this series is over, you will have experienced the magic of Intuitive Tarot Reading first-hand, ready to practice with your friends, family and yourself! Bring a Tarot Deck, a notebook and pen. Tarot Decks will be available for purchase. If you would like to purchase a deck, come early and Kelly will assist you in choosing yours. Kelly St. Claire is a Crystal Healing Artist, Tarot aficionado, ‘Sparkle your Ass off’ guide, Healing Coach and Teacher and Inner Beauty Mentor. I’m a dancing queen, life artist, creative writer and I have worked with women to bring out their beauty, shimmy and shine for over 25 years. I work with women who are needing a boost, some support, and to find inspiration to make a fresh start. It’s never too late!.

Fee: per 3 week class – $70 in advance, $75 day of class.

There will be a series of two 3 week classes.

Question time!!

What would YOU love to learn or practice in a class such as this?

How to live your life without apology

I used to apologize a LOT. I kept catching myself. I would apologize for even existing. It was sad.

I wondered why I did so. Maybe it was because I was an adopted child, I was adopted into a wonderful family, but on a cellular level I knew I was unwanted by my biological mother. Who knows.


A little known fact about me: I was a ‘love child’, the product of an extramarital affair. I know the entire story through a visit to the adoption agency for non-identifying information. it was an interesting story and my bio-mom sounds like a hot mess (but an interesting one, and aren’t we all?)

I remember a coaching/guide session I had with Lisa Wechtenhiser (the High Priestess of the Woo) and my guides reminded me that I have the right to be here, absolutely! They gave me an interesting assignment to go outside barefoot (which is also called ‘Earthing’, and connect with a tree , allowing the energy from above to permeate my body and root me to the earth. I truly have the right to be here, and my message is important and will help many people.

is that you?



“Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.

But do not distress yourself with imaginings.

Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Betond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars;”



You have the right to be here.


I want to share this with you!


I have a free call coming up. You will learn:

How to live your life without apology

What IS Sparkle factor? and how can you have it?

Learn three crucial ways to bring out your inner beauty

Attract others who are in line with your soul’s purpose

Paint your life as the masterpiece that it is

I will save time for a short Q&A session

I will be releasing the cast a Spark Program and there will be a very special offer (limited time) for those who attend the call.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

It will be recorded and to receive the recording you must sign up for a spot.


Please sign up to learn more, I would absolutely LOVE to share my story with you and how I can help you fond your sparkle!

QUESTIONS? Contact me!



Do you have a home office?

Where is your haven? Where do you do your writing, spiritual work and such? Do you have a dedicated space? 

I used to have a desk (a messy and ugly space) down in the corner of my dining room. The only pretty thing about it was the lovely iMac that I call my ‘baby’, the larger screen that allows me to feel enveloped in my work. Surrounding it was an attempt to be organized with no dedicated space for anything. There were mismatched filing cabinets and piles that I knew the order (please don’t mess with my piles.)


When my son moved out I asked his permission to create a home office in his room. I have another room that I use as a dressing room that we can fix up should he decide to move back in.  There was a bit of guilt, but I did speak to him in advance, he laughed and said “of course.”


I painted it turquoise because that color sparks my creativity, and the blue is calming, the green is for growth. My work is not “run of the mill,” so it made sense to have a home office with this color. 

We moved furniture we already had in and it fit perfectly! Now my business is a real business, and not something I do on the side and in my spare time (like a hobby.) I have office hours and writing time. I have my salt lamps and my crystal grids going. I sage regularly. I have my books and a pretty and colorful rug. It is somewhere I love hanging out 

How about you? Do you have a dedicated office space? Where do you work and how does it affect you and your bottom line?



Facing the demons doesn’t feel good, none of it feels good until you make the shift, then..Bliss

Today’s post will be short and sweet.


When you make shifts in your life and energy. When you up level or expand yourself… When you grow, there is the very real chance that those close to you may not be able to hang. 


In fact, they might be mirroring to you old attitudes you have about yourself. Once you change your self talk, you will attract people who mirror the new way you see yourself. The ones who are comfortable with the “old you” will kick and panic as if their air supply is being cut off. This is part of the process.

When my closest one shamed me for my body, he was simply an old attitude I had about my body surfacing for it’s last (mean) gasp of air. Now that I feel loving to myself, the only struggle I have is the fear of loss and change in relation to my relationship “security.”


Sure, all of MY fears are surfacing, but I reached out to three close friends who know and support me with honesty. They are not “yes men” and I can count on the truth.  I want that. I offer that to others and I am finally comfortable in receiving.


This point I have gotten to is a place of calm power. I know who I am and what I am capable and I trust in the process.

People ask me what Cast a Spark is all about, well, it’s about THIS. Reclaiming yourself,  reclaiming your soul and being a beacon of life for others.

It is about BEING your own movement. You create it and then live into it. That is what I am doing and you can do it as well.


I am having a free call on August 25th about HOW to start this journey or stay on the path. How to reclaim life’s ‘plot twists’ and release the drama that doesn’t serve you.


Please save the date (August 25th, it’s a Monday. 7pm EST but it will be recorded)


More on the details very soon. If you want to make sure you see the sign up for the call when I release it, be sure to sign up for my list at the end of this post.

How I became a crystal healer

Do you love crystals? I know I do, they are a passion of mine. I always have loved their sparkle and beauty, and from a young age I knew there was a LOT more to them.

Over the years I collected many crystals and would carry them, hold them while meditating, use them on my altar, sleep with them under my pillow. I just knew that there was more to them than just sparkle and beauty.

At the end of 2011, I made a very import end decision that has affected everything I am all about. I decided to enroll in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal Healer course so I could learn more about our sparkly allies and to be able to better help others.

Heather Addley Photography

Heather Addley Photography

Quite honestly, I was always a crystal healer and I don’t believe you HAVE to have a class and certification to make you into a healer. The reason I love this opportunity so much is that you do learn the science and physics behind why and how the crystals work. I have been able to utilize crystals better and more often into my life, from building my own crystal grids to working with the crystals on clients, giving crystal consultation and and much more. Hibiscus Moon has even helped me out learning how to weave crystal healing into a genuine business and I have had much success since taking her course.

I am proud to say that on May 22nd, 2012 I became a Certified Crystal healer, and on September 18th, 2013 I became a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master.

She is currently enrolling for her Certified Crystal Healer course  (only until 8/27) and has even added new perks and tiers since I was in the program.


Here is some of the info and perks of enrolling in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal healer Course. 


This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! you will explore all the newest research & use the science behind crystal vibrations to develop you into a different kind of Crystal Healer!


What does the course include?

  • 8 pre-recorded video webinar-style classes (each approx. 90+ min.)   Click here to view a class sample!

  • 8 mp3 downloads

  • 8 detailed transcripts of the classes

  • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week

  • Ooooodles of class resources

  • FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments

  • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class

  • 1 integration week, giving you additional time to absorb & implement

  • 1 year membership to our private social networking website/forum (The Crystal Cave) exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program; a community of Crystal Hotties to support you & to create friendships with for life.

  • 1 on 1 Q & A support from our Crystal Coaches for the entire 9 week term in our Crystal Cave Forum

  • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it

  • BONUS: A full year access to our LIVE playdates.  This is a value of $240!

  • BONUS:  Hibiscus Moon’s highly sought after recipe for her Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge so you can make buckets of your own.

Once graduated, you’ll be certified by The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and be sent a certificate that is suitable for framing.  You’ll also receive 18 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), be able to use the letters CCH after your name, and be given approval to apply for optional accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee.

The Certified Crystal Healer Program Includes These 8 Classes:

  • Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy

  • Create Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals

  • Working with Crystal Grids

  • Chakra Balancing Using Crystals

  • Working w/ Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy

  • Crystal Healing for Animals

  • Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools

  • Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer


Enrollment is now open for the next course which kicks off on August 13th, 2014.