How to reignite your creativity

Ever thought about creation? What is involved? Creating something is literally bringing (something) into existence. There is something where there was once nothing.  


What are you creating today?


You can create art in many forms (painting, sculpture.)

You can write a poem or a letter.

You can have a baby.

You can start a relationship.

You can redecorate a room.

You can cook a meal.

The possibilities are endless….

What happens when your creativity is blocked?


When you stare at a blank page, or when you just don’t know what you’re going to pull together for dinner, when you aren’t inspired to make art…What happens then?


Movement is a powerful way to bust through the blocks.

One of the things I do as a part of many of my programs is a ‘Hip Circle.’ We form a circle and shimmy our hips, we circle and move our hips/sacral area. The sacral chakra is located just under your bellybutton, it is the seat of your creative power and getting in touch with it when you are feeling stuck is a potent way to kick-start your creativity.

Hip Circle is not about learning to dance, it’s not about performing or perfecting your technique… It is about moving the energy through your body, letting go and allowing yourself to be wild and free.

I am a belly dancer and in the past few years I have given up performing and the idea of being ‘perfect,’ I am now in it for the fun and to shake myself loose and move when I feel stiff and stuck.

When I was really driven to be a perfect dancer, the dance ceased to be fun and it became a schedule of drilling moves, classes, choreographing and the nervous energy before a performance. I am not saying I won’t go back to that, but for now I have released it… It was no longer fun. I am committed to bringing lightness and fun back to my life and dance is a perfect vehicle to do that.


The next time you feel stuck in your creativity, try putting on music and dancing, move your body, shake your hips… Circle your hips and focus on your sacral area… Imaging it filled with glowing orange light… Allow the light to envelop you. Then dive into your project!


What are you creating?

Leave it in the comments below, or feel free to message me. 


Does color make a difference?

The colors we surround ourselves with matter. They can diminish or enhance your inner and outer qualities.  Each color has power to change our mood or generate passion and uplift us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I recently had the opportunity to start from scratch and transform a white walled room into a colorful office for myself. It was fun going through and selecting colors.  It was actually a bit difficult to commit to a color because there were so many. I looked through decorating magazines, taped up paint swatches and even used my pendulum on each possible choose until I decided on turquoise and red.

Turquoise is a color of creative expression. It is cool, relaxing, and refreshing. It helps my brain feel calm. it also is a color of dancing to the beat of a different drummer: It enhances individuality and originality. This color helps me express myself, which is why I chose it for my office space/ writing space.

I chose red to complement the turquoise that is on my walls. My red desk chair not only looks awesome in the office, red is the color of beginnings and motivation. it’s fitting to sit on the energy of red while being surrounded by  inspiring turquoise.

I also chose to accent with yellow, which is a very uplifting and cheery color. Yellow is a hopeful color that brings in sun energy.


What colors are you surrounding yourself with?


Whether you wear them or add them to your environment, here is a list of a few colors and their general qualities to consider when choosing your color scheme. 


red~ Motivation, action, will.  It is the color of the first chakra which is all about our physical roundedness.

Orange~ Enthusiastic, assertive, outgoing. It is the color of the second chakra which is our seat of creation and incubation.

Yellow~ Happy, hope, cheerful. It is the color of our solar plexus chakra, which is all about personal power and confidence.

Green~ Growth, renewal, making decisions. It reflects heart chakra energy: unconditional love.

Turquoise~ Clarity, open-minded, creative expression. Marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Blue~ Calm, serene, relaxing. Throat chakra energy of expressing yourself and making yourself heard.

Purple~ Intuition, mystical, artistry. Crown chakra energy: Connection with spirit.


This is a small list… Colors are endless, there are so many.

Consider the colors you wear. What is your favorite color and what is the predominant color in your home?  Did you realize that you can change your mood and your life with the colors you choose?

Try experimenting with wearing different colors. When you feel dull and depressed try cheery orange or yellow. When you are jangled and stressed and overstimulated try wearing blue.













Time to grow, is private coaching for you?


Spring is here! I know that for those of us in certain areas it doesn’t feel like it… One day warm and sunny, the next day you need all of your winter gear as you venture out into the cold drizzle… Then the snow. Then it repeats.  Spring is here though, even with the crazy weather patterns the birds are chirping, the buds are emerging and there is more daylight. Just like we know the sun will rise each day, the seasons bring shifts, in nature and in us.

 Spring brings new beginnings, creativity, abundance and new growth. It’s a time of unfolding.

I sometimes have a hard time focusing in the Spring, things of beauty are all around me in the open after a time of  inner growth.


In the Winter growth takes place within and under the surface. Things lie dormant like roots in the ground, pausing a bit before the next burst of growth. The inactive phase is so important in nature, if we keep running and running then we will never create anything of depth.  We may produce awesome things, but there is a beautiful depth that comes with allowing things to simmer a bit. Flavors deepen like soups that are better after the flavor sit and meld together.

Now that Spring is here I am ready to start new things.  The time is ripe to begin your program of self growth.

I offer private coaching that will help you birth something new, and find clarity in areas of your life that may seem fuzzy. 

I am currently accepting new clients. Is it you?

Please contact me if you may be interested. We can have a chat/brainstorm session to see if we are a good match.


Use creative writing to reinvent your life


Creative writing can be your vehicle to travel from where you are to where you want to be.


Write “fictional creative story” in words or images …imaginal, creative, magical, larger than life. Fairy tale. I had an excellent experience with this method, Anni Hayden Lane of Lallabon, who has been coaching me and blessing me with her talents had me break through a block by having me speak “once upon a time…” and weave a lovely story that became magical copy for my website and parts of the story became even a metaphor for my life! I spoke aloud and it flowed even smoother than pen to paper. If you’re feeling blocked try speaking into a voice recorder and weaving a magical tale. You can listen and transcribe later and extract all of the creative goodness.


Connect with your current self and dream about your future self. Use your abundant  imagination


Imagination is real. Everything starts as a thought, imagination is creating thoughts, or the essence of all that can be. Respect your imagination, it is there to serve you and we all have access to it. As children we are often told that our imaginary worlds are not real but they are.



What to do when you feel “ugly”

Is caring about your beauty superficial? and what can you do when you just feel “ugly?”


You know what I mean. Some days you just feel off your game, bad hair days, clothes don’t fit. It’s hard to pin an exact reason but you just feel plain ugly!

I have one question: How can you be a positive force for change and touch lives if you’re all caught up in feeling “ugly” and not able to walk upright and confident?

I know when I have felt this way and expressed it out loud I have been told everything from “It’s the inner that matters, it doesn’t matter how you are on the outside.” to “you are not ugly, that is silly!” or, “You are not ugly, you are beautiful!” The latter being the nicer thing. Each statement has one thing in common. They all gloss over your very real “ugly” & “fugly” feelings, not being at the top of your game. It is intended kindness in most cases, and among many different sects of spirituality it really is seen as being “superficial” to be concerned about such things and even looked down on for caring. It’s the inner part of you that matters, right?

Let’s look at what “superficial” means at it’s core. Let’s no longer demonize it!

Superficial= on the surface. It’s only part of the equation. When you draw on both the inner and the outer it’s powerful to use that surface to magnify the beauty that is from down deep.

Is surface not important? Reclaim “superficial” and use it as a tool to to powerfully project your inner spirit and inner love.

I am not saying to put pressure on yourself and to be your own worst critic, I am just wanting to give you a few options for when you are feeling ugly. Before I even launch into my ideas, I want to affirm that YOU and a beautiful soul down to the core. No two people possess the exact same beauty. We are all a unique blend. It takes practice to align the inner and outer in such a powerfully congruent way.


5 ways to reclaim your beauty


1. Beauty and the bath.

Nurture (overused word= deeply care for and tend to yourself) Think about the highest potential expression of your inner love and beauty and treat that spark of divinity as such. Cleanliness next to Godliness, tend to your physical vehicle. Annoint those feet, and the rest of you as well! Nice fragrances that put you in an elevated state of mind. Elevate senses= show up for the world (yourself and others) in a divine and holy way.


Circulate chi/energy through your body. Blood moves oxygen (chi) through your entire body . Exercise motivation to be healthy so your body will not only feel better, it reflects out into the world through how you FEEL, and if we’re honest, we feel much better when we’re on point with the way we look. Do everything you can to be the very best you that exists and just strive, do your best and move your body.

It’s not all about the “six pack” and the hourglass shape, it’s your projection (how you EXPRESS yourself in the world) So, it’s about intention.

Dancing freeform is one of the best ways to move because you are expressing and moving at the same time. If you are to be able to dance, you must be able to let go of your inhibitions a bit and that’s when your inner spirit peeks out to touch other lives.

3. Wear the damn jeans!

Accept your size and shape. Yes, there are stretch jeans that are really comfy. if jeans aren’t your thing, find something else that you are really wanting to wear after you feel better about yourself. AFTER losing weight, getting over that depression, getting past distractions and busy times, etc…

4. Come out of hiding (to yourself)…

buy a bra that fits. No hiding the “girls”… and wear clothes that accentuate your shape rather than hiding behind a tent. Honestly, I know this is a toughie, and deep-rooted. I still grapple with it, but as awareness grows I begin to dress for my body and as a result I feel more beautiful and powerful.


Crystals can stabilize your energy, ground you and raise your vibration. Crystals can support beauty as well as aid in wight release. See this article for more information about weight release and This one for connecting with crystals to help you love yourself and feel beautiful! I urge you to read the detailed articles if you have an interest. I explain HOW crystals work in a scientific and also a practical way.


6. look at yourself in the mirror.

Even gaze at yourself, each day. Get used to the realities of your appearance. I have this one line on my face that I keep noticing and would find myself resisting. While taking care of my skin is an important thing, I realized that I was slathering on lotions to that one line (and the smaller lines around it) JUST to hide it. The intention behind my skin care practices weren’t in revering my body as a temple of sacred divinity, it was in hiding “imperfections” This doesn’t fly, and as a result of this mindset, I was feeling really ugly because of that damn line.



OK, I have this line on my face, and it is a part of my face. I am getting older and short of surgery I am likely to always have this line. So when I care for my skin I am going to shift my thinking and not “plump out” the wrinkles and “fill” the lines. I have the line, no stopping time. I look at it and accept that it is there.

I also have this body that doesn’t always look like an “after” picture. I love it though and if I am going to make any changes there, I HAVE to start at point A, and that is in knowing where I am at in my journey. Have I been lost? The only way to get un-lost is to figure out where I asm and I can do it by looking at myself honestly. (This goes for attitudes and thought patterns as well)

6. Connect…

With friends, with family. Seek that depth of connection. It starts with connecting with yourself. You can then, in a sense, sit back and allow the connections to come out of the woodwork. You may be surprised, just be observant. Each day keep a connection journal and take note of every instance where you felt “heard” and acknowledged. It can either be through hearing a song that speaks back to you, someone reaching out to you (even a stranger) It may not come from where you might expect. keep an open mind.

Seek connection with a healing coach or mentor. Be open for the *right* one to come along. There are a great many coaches out there, some will be a fit and others will not resonate with you. If you’re wanting to make a lasting change, support is your friend and having an accountability partner and guide is invaluable for lasting change. Habitual self talk can be destructive and keep you frozen where you are.

If you’re interested in a no strings attached talk to see if I might assist you (or refer you in the right direction,)  I invite you to contact me. Just leave a quick message here. No pressure, I just think it’s important to connect beyond an email exchange. Let’s set up a time to talk.



Do you feel misunderstood?

I was the black sheep of my family, still am. My emotions have vacillated between freedom and rebellion to sadness and a yearning to “fit in” and be understood. I have done things differently for as long as I can remember, and things have not always worked out. While I watched many of my family members “succeed” and rise up in this world that can be so predictable, I sometimes struggled and felt like I was swimming upstream. I really still do, I have cultivated a different attitude about it lately and I want to share it with you.

Do you fit in with your family of origin?

If not, how did that affect your life in general?

Did it affect something deep inside of you?



I think that deep down we all have the desire to fit in with our tribe. We have that yearning for connection and to be understood and seen.  That is just not the case for many of us.  Many of us rebelled, and I am talking beyond the normal and healthy individuation of the teen years. I am referring to the adult rebel (like myself.)

It is a commonly held belief that it doesn’t matter if you “fit in.” I am here to say that it CAN and DOES matter. Not in a social popularity contest, but there is a yearning that is primal that everyone has inside of them to belong. It’s ok to accept that. It shows great courage and strength to stand alone and shine your light regardless of what others think and feel, but if you reach and search your true soul, even for the lone wolf there is the desire for a tribe that “gets ” you and to connect with another in a profound way.


This is where we form friendships. This is also where we take a stand sometimes against those who regularly hurt us with their lack of understanding and sensitivity towards who we are. This is where we “divorce” or fade back from our families. This is where we feel like we can’t shine our true light around certain people.


How do we find and connect with a tribe of kindred spirits?

Celebrate your “you”-ness by accepting yourself in your totality. try looking at yourself in the mirror at least once a day. Focus on your eyes and approach yourself in the spirit of love and acceptance. if we don’t accept ourselves how can we expect others to ever accept us. We attract what we vibrate, that means that if we practice radical self acceptance, we will certainly attract people who accept us.

Love yourself. Once daily write down 5 things you love about yourself. it can be a challenge at times. Focus on your body, mind, spirit. Dig deep and write for as long as you can.

Write yourself a love letter. Add to it daily and create a really long love manifesto.

Reach out to others. Make eye contact with others, compliment them even if you feel reserved. Smile more. Comment on more blogs, post in discussion forums.

Change your energy on the inside and make it ok to want to connect with others. Inner shifts affect your outer world, try it and see.


Blessings, and I invite you to either comment or contact me if you want to share your story.


How to shift your mood through dance.




Sometimes the only way to shift your mood is to sink into it, accept that is where you are and express it. When there is a song stuck in your head, sometimes the only way to remove it is to listen to it all of the way through. It is this way with a mood as well. If you’re sad and try to push it away, it will lodge into your being in one way or another. Sometimes it will morph into anger, sometimes you will feel giddiness, but if there is an underlying sadness, the laughter will be fleeting and the sad feelings will grow larger, and they may contribute to self abuse such as overeating to stuff your feelings, self criticism, starting arguments and creating discord in your relationships.


I found a powerful way to feel and work through my troubling moods in a way that empowers rather than sinking down into fear and running away. Through this method you will rest better at night and feel better by day.




Dance has always been a part of my life. I used to take lessons as a child, then I danced wildly in my room, then going to dance clubs, then dancing in the living room and once again lessons. Here are a few ways you can harness the power of dance.


How to shift your mood thru dance.

Connect with a piece of music. This is the fun part! explore and find a song you feel connected to. Play around with varying tempos and moods. Listening to music is a powerful way to affect your mood. You can lift it to joy, experience sadness, nostalgia or raw energy.


Listen. Notice the different sections of the music and become aware of when they shift, shift and change your dance to match the mood of the music.


Play dress up. Play around with costumes. You can pull things from the back of your closet and get creative putting together something that expresses either your current mood or the essence you want to become.


Try dancing with a veil. You can either find a silky(y) scarf like the ones used by belly or modern dancers or make your own by choosing light, airy and flawy fabric. Play around with it, there is no right or wrong way. You can even check out examples of veil dancing on YouTube to get ideas.


Turn up the volume and move! Movement is a way to express through your body how you are feeling and what you are going through in your life.  Dance around your living room with abandon. Match your mood, c’mon, try it… It’s very healing.


Take a dance class. Hip-hop, bellydancing, modern, ballet, even pole dancing! the possibilities are endless! Learning a new skill is fun. Dive into the art of your chosen dance.





Above all, have fun and take it lightly.










Are you a “drama queen”? 8 ways to find beauty in the struggle

“So, let go, let go
Jump in
Oh well, what you waiting for?
It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown”

~Frou Frou



Is there beauty in the breakdown?


Not all of life’s lessons are “pretty,” of course, we all know that. They come disguised as tough ongoing relationships, painful breakups, humiliations and shame, “mistakes” and I could go on. There are so many ways in which the light of enlightenment is switched on, so many ways to wake up. Yes, pain as a part of the process, but are we supposed to find some sort of pleasure in all of that pain? That sounds backwards If we enjoy the pains of life, does that mean we are the type of person who enjoys and seeks out drama? Good question to ask.

First, let’s examine drama. Drama contains a trauma or “problem,” as well as the solution. Like a weekly TV series, a movie with a juicy plot and a lot of excitement or even a soap opera. it tends to repeat. Same story, different players, same lessons waiting to be learned yet a resistance or blind spot around the star’s role in creating that situation. There is usually a pinch or two of victimization, and always a villian.

In struggle we keep coming up against a barrier and we hit these upper limits over and over again. We can feel battered. It can activate pain, determination, hopelessness, hopefulness, apathy, frustration and the list goes on.

We can also find those things in drama, when we are enacting a drama we tend to be unconscious about it, we are swept up in the story, we enjoy it even. It brings us attention, sympathy or something else we think we need. Yes, there is struggle, but the struggle is a part of something else.

We have all played parts in dramas, in a way, life in the physical body is dramatic and we learn through stories. The trick is to become aware of and learn to embrace the drama, live it out and see it through to the end. Realize that though you are a player in the story of your life, you are also the writer!!

Here are 8 ways to find beauty in struggle and drama:


1~ Mindfulness…Commit yourself to becoming aware of the prolific drama in your life. Drama is not a bad word, it is simply a part of the human experience. You can navigate through the dramas and create transformational movies, or we can get stuck in soap operas that are the same today as they are 5 years from now. Each night before bed go through your day and replay the story of the day. Who were the players, what part did you play. What were the struggles? What plot line threaded through the day. Just notice.


2~Writing…Write it out creatively using fictional characters, create poetry. Try to write a haiku (or a few lines) a day to reflect the mood you experienced through the day. You would be surprised at how many things can be communicated through even a short piece of writing. Keep these together in a file or notebook. You’ll want to refer back to them at a later date.


3~Visual arts… paint, collage, draw and doodle out the themes of the day if you tend to be a visual thinker. You can express a lot through your choice of colors, the mood of your art (scribbles or gently brush strokes) You can even mix it up and combine the writing with the visual arts.


4~Review time…Monthly, or quarterly… review your art journals and reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going. Don’t do this kind of review daily though, I recommend waiting for the larger picture to emerge so you can see the drama and grasp the bigger outlook. It’s easy to get mired down in the details and never able to see your way out. We can’t achieve what we can’t see.


5~Commit to upleveling your life… Level up and out of the spiraling repetitive patterns! You don’t want to be in the same episode next year, do you? Even if it’s a beautiful love story, things morph and shift and change. Commit to the changes that are inevitable to carry you up into new levels of consciousness and learning.


6~ Find an outside perspective… It can be a mentor or coach, a counselor, a trusted friend who is not involved in the current story. No defensiveness, talk with the intention of being open to their observations about you and your story. Be open to what they say, take it in. Realize that it’s their opinion, but it’s also valuable to be open to someone else’s perspective, it is powerful to listen without being defensive. This is a great practice!


7~ Stop resisting!! Reclaim the word “drama” it doeasn’t have to be an insult (though it is often used that way) It’s ok to be a “drama queen” embrace it, disarm the insult that’s there in that statement and laugh as you uplevel your way into an award winning transformation where you end up a changed soul…


8~ Don’t be typecast… move on to new and more beautiful roles. Realize that as humans on this Earth path, we are ALL playing roles! The resistance to that fact is part of the pain in struggle. Don’t stay the ‘damsel in distress’ or the “Bella”, become the powerful “Katniss” who prevails in the end a transformed character ready for what comes next!


So, when we consciously decide to embrace our story and make it ok to be in the midst of a “drama” it’s possible to experience the beauty of ALL of what life has to offer.

There is as much beauty in teardrops as there is in laughter!

Look at the art that moves us. It comes in all shades and moods.

Find the beauty in the breakdown and liberate yourself.

Is the way you look important?

Is the way you look important? One thing I have noticed, especially in parts of the spiritual community is that if we are focused on how we look we are vain and superficial.  This is not always the case, but I have run across this attitude a lot.


Do your inner and outer parts match? Does the way you look reflect who you are?


I can tell you of one of my experiences. I was speaking in front of my mastermind group, I was talking about my new program and excitedly talking about colors and energy and learning to love yourself and to find that inner sparkle… Well, I excitedly ran on a bit in front of the group, who was listening and committed to giving me honest feedback about my upcoming program.  I was smiling and talking with great passion and energy.. I was colorful and my inner sparkle was there however, they pointed something out to me that was obvious when I looked in the mirror. I was:

~ Slightly slumping, not standing up straight. part of it is the fast that I do have a hard time with my shoulders due to years of being behind the chair doing hair, but if I am honest, there was a part of myself that was hiding (or wanting to hide) so I didn’t hold my chest high and though I felt very confident, colorful and excited about what I was up to, looking at me wouldn’t fill you with that energy I felt inside of me.

~I was wearing a black and grey sweater, and it was loose… It didn’t show my figure, I was also hiding behind something that didn’t show my true shape. Though I am far from perfect, being honest about where my body is, and proudly dressing to enhance my strengths and not only to be comfortable and invisible. Black and grey are not colorful by any means, and my whole manner was full of passion and brightness!


When they pointed that out to me I almost laughed. I wasn’t projecting who I truly was in that moment. Sure, there are times when black fits in, suits my mood. My general being-ness though is colorful, passionate and happy, not grey, beige and black. I am meant to stand out. My program is all about color, artfulness and passion and there I was trumping around the conference room.Haha.


They took a ‘before’ picture with someone’s cell phone, then I borrowed another woman’s belt and cinched in my waist and they took an ‘after’ shot. I got to see one simple thing that I could do to come out of hiding and the difference was startling. I held my shoulders back and that evening slipped on my red shirt and pulled on my red cowgirl boots. Their honesty woke something up in me.


That is only one example, there are many more. My own experiences and what I observe in my clients.


Projecting your true beauty is sacred, not superficial. You are a beautiful being who is dazzling in spirit, even if you aren’t feeling it at the moment. You are one with source energy, and it’s about time you showed that to the world. What do you think about this?


Hugs and kisses, MUAH!



When to let go of your art

I used to dance with fire, I used to belly dance, I used to perform in front of small (and occasionally large) crowds. Those were my creative outlets, plus they called me to be brave (the performing part.) It was a time in my life where I was so active, sitting down to write, draw, paint or any other artful pursuits was nearly impossible. It was a fun time. My whole life was one big party. I was newly single, my social live was blooming and I held regular potlucks at my house where we would perform with fire and nosh down on vegan food.

I blossomed.

Fun, fun, fun!

My creative urges were wrapped up in choreographing new performance pieces and playing around with how I was moving my body. I was very body-aware, and I was very much into music… Picking apart songs to create physical expressions of beauty.

Now I have moved on from the dance scene. The moment it was no longer fun, the social pressure and competition and even hurtful clashes with other dancers… I was left doubting my abilities and could no longer dance uninhibited. I decided (it wasn’t easy) to move on from that segment of my life… Of course, at the time I didn’t consider that I needed a creative outlet. I can look back and see how I went unconscious after that. I got into a difficult marriage, lost my deep connection with my body, gained weight and after a while in the dark I realized how unhappy I was.

photo editing by Dreia Melinkoff

photo editing by Dreia Melinkoff

Fast forward to the final days of that marriage, he was never home and I was able once again to unfold myself into the fire again. I connected with that element so strongly. I once again held small gatherings at my house, this time with only a few friends, a much smaller group… We were not so vegan anymore, we enjoyed wine (and of course I had my addiction: Pellegrino.)

The fire dancing eventually faded away, but I still have it in my soul and occasionally I will pull out those torches and my fire-fans and combine the belly dance with the fire and I can easily call forth those movements.

Now my creativity flows in other ways. I take photographs (though I am far from a pro.) I write poetry, I journal. I blog, I create classes and programs and I collage. I miss dance sometimes, but I have found other ways. I cook artfully, I like to arrange my living space creatively. Oh how do I create (let me count the ways.) I am creative in my relationship, with the way i express love to my man as well as my friends.

How are you creative?

Do you have something that you used to love but outgrew? (for whatever reason.)

I used to be really upset about leaving the dance world, i felt as if I was missing out on something and my whole social life revolved around the dance. When I realized that it was no longer feeding me I was able to let it go and instead of being upset, I moved into an acceptance and a sense of relief.

Here is a short video I made, a testament to a time in my life, it tells a story. It is a collection of my haiku and my photos. I invite you to watch and remember that creativity is not hard, it is easy if you allow it. You can use everything you do as an expression of who you are. THAT is creating.


Much love to you all. Muuaahh!