Let’s take back beauty: Find yours!

For years, I have worked with women to help them find their beauty. It seems that most people who come to me are seeking that outer beauty, a hairstyle they saw on some celebrity that suits their taste. They are sometimes looking for ease and something that they won’t have to think about. Covering grey hair and keeping their 4 week appointments so that they won’t have to deal with crazy flips and waves.

When I am present with my clients, there is sometimes talk about inner life, but usually there is not. I am seen as someone to only enhance their outer appearance.  Many of my clients have crossed the line and become friends, and it is always a pleasure to see them. I really do see them. That is my mission in that segment of what I do, to see people’s essence and help them bring that out.


I really see the women who are in my chair, Through our conversation and my close proximity, I see who they are. When I work with them I like to take into account the inner core that lives inside of them, their inner essence. It is really powerful to match the inner and outer. Most people don’t consider that when searching Pinterest for the perfect hair style.


In many cases, I sense a brick wall when it comes to matching the inner and outer, many people are guarded. I won’t lie and say I see everyone perfectly, there are people who are so guarded, even from themselves, that while they look perfectly coiffed and groomed when they leave me, it is the image in their head. These people are usually slightly picky and upset if there is a change that they aren’t expecting. It is as if there is a fear of change, and the guardedness shows the fear of really touching the core of who they are.


Let’s take back beauty! It is not only a superficial thing to want to look pretty. it is an expression of your soul.

It is a powerful tool.


When your inner core is congruent with how you project that core essence, you sparkle and shine and attract those people and situations into your life that are meant for your growth and fulfillment.


I have a favor to ask. I am adding a special service to my bag of tricks, included in my programs as well as a stand alone service.

I will be offering special sessions where we examine your inner core through a deep coaching session to help you extract the essence that is the true ‘you.’ Sacred Image Consultations. We start out with a deep and detailed discovery session, which is deep coaching to bring out what you shall project.

Then we meet over Skype and have the actual image consultation. I discuss hair, colors, styles, and more. Intuitive insight into your image and how to be really authentic in how you present yourself. Aren’t you tired of being misunderstood?

Not only will we delve into outer appearance, you will also receive inner action steps to bring sparkle into your life, expel toxic energies and invite in the clean and clear (powerful) essence of the life you want to lead.


Please give me feedback on this. What would you like to come away with from a program such as that? It includes three calls. 


*In depth ‘bring it out’ coaching

*Sacred Image Consultation through Skype

*follow up call to check in with you


This is something I have been offering in person, but I’m ready to expand out to help people outside of my region, your feedback will be so valuable to me. Please contact me here and give me your ideas/feedback. If you respond with feedback, I will give you a special deal on the service, which I usually don’t. do. So, I invite you to communicate with me.

Wearing crystals (does size matter?)

Today I want to post a quick tip on how to work with your crystals.

Many people ask me if size matters when working with a crystal. The answer is YES, size is directly related to the energy field of the crystal. The area of influence is smaller with a smaller crystal.

When I am working with smaller crystals, I like to put them either directly on the skin, or through thinner fabric (when performing a crystal healing on myself or others,) or wear them close to my body. It also increases the field of influence if you create a crystal grid. This is an article that goes over a few ways to work with crystals large and small.


This is one of my favorite combinations to wear on almost a daily basis. It is Apophyllite, Tanzanite and Golden Azeztulite. The other cage holds a Herkimer Diamond to amplify the other crystals. The stones in that combination all are high frequency stones and they lift my consciousness and help me stay in a higher vibrational state. This means I am more connected with my spirit guides and my intuition. I places the crystals in a spiral cage, which are readily available and east you find. You can switch out the crystals if you want.

This necklace is Moldavite, and to be brief (because there is so much to say about Moldavite.) It is also a high frequency stone, it is connected with cosmic energies and supports major transformation and opens the heart. it has a slight green hue (it’s hard to see in the picture) and that connects to the heart chakra. Moldavite isn’t for everyone, however, it is one of my favorites. How about you, have you worked with Moldavite? The earrings are clear quartz which amplifies the effects of the other stones.


Another way you can invite the energies gf the crystals into your life is with a bracelet of chips (small stones that are bound together in a stretchy bracelet. This one is Amazonite and I am wearing it for it’s calming properties, it also helps me to connect with my heart when communicating and it also helps me get my point across without getting too emotional. The dark stone is Black Tourmaline, which is very grounding and protective.



How do you wear your crystals? I would love to know! You can comment or message me directly if you have any questions.

Creative ways to work with the tarot

In 2011, I took part in a 365 project, which is a project where you commit to creating a piece of art every day for 365 days. I started on January 1st on my project which was to take a photograph of a tarot card and write a Haiku inspired by the card. Every single day I did this and it became more than a project, it chronicled my life (and it turned out to be a difficult and transformative year.)

It was the year my short and unhappy 2nd marriage ended, and also the year my old boyfriend came back into my life with a bang. It took me a while to fully trust him so those first few months were not easy. I also had a stint in a job that was wrong for me and it ended up being upsetting and disrupting, and on top of everything else it was almost too much. I pulled through and I was happy to have artistic evidence of the ending of my marriage.

It was interesting to see what my spirit went through. HERE is the project. I was steady on my project until the very day my ex-husband told me he was moving out while I was working in a coffee shop surrounded by people.

I am sad to say that my project abruptly ended, but I still occasionally add an entry to another BLOG I created for this purpose. Having this project helped me to have a more intimate relationship with the tarot and if you’re creatively inclined, I highly recommend working with the tarot in a manner such as this.


I love the Tarot.  They are full of archetypes, stories, art and prompts, and I work with the tarot for many things other than readings. Here are a few suggestions to get to know the cards better:


1~ Card a day in the morning~

Draw a card every morning and request a theme for the day, at the end of the day look back at the card and reflect on your day and write out a few ways that the card applied to your day. This is a look at the future.

2~ Card a day in the evening~

Draw a card in the evening before bed as a reflection on the day, meditate on the image and write out how the card applied to your day.  This is a look into the recent past.

3~ Card inspired Haiku~

Draw or choose a card and write a short few lines of poetry inspired by the card’s images. Try to do this with the image in mind and not the card’s meaning. This is a way to dive deeper into the card.

4~ Photography with the tarot~

Craft beautiful photos of the cards in interesting spots. Title the images. You can add a short poem or piece of prose. This is yet another way to dive into the images. You can even print them out and use them in a Tarot journal.

5~ VisualTarot Journal~

Use or draw the images and paste into a sketch book (or another kind of journal that you love.) Write out anything that comes to mind about the cards. You can write anything you want. reflections on your day, reflections about the card’s meanings. keywords on the card’s meaning. notes from a tarot book you are reading. The sky’s the limit. Be creative. it is fun to read over your journal when it is finished.

6~ Tarot ‘Spells’~

You can use the Tarot to manifest your desires in different ways. I like to choose cards that reflect what I would like to bring into my life (ex/ the World for a favorable outcome, Two of Cups to attract a new love.)

I either place the cards in a CRYSTAL GRID, or surrounded by candles. Use the card as a jumping off point for visualizations and intentions.

I use the wisdom of the Tarot as a jumping off point for my intuition. They are beautiful allies in my work with clients. I usually do a short spread on my clients before going into a call.

It is a great way to center and prepare to do deep work with my private clients.


That is just the beginning. I would love to hear all about the different ways you work with your cards, and I invite you to try out some of these suggestions and report to me your results and insights. 

How sharing your story helps you to heal your life

Just last week at this time I was preparing my house to receive guests, people I had not yet met, for the very first Cast a Spark Circle. I always look forward to these circles and my hopes are that everyone shows up and that the discussion is of some benefit.  I had it all planned out. The topic was dreams and goals. The difference between the two and I wanted to create an opening for all of us to view our dreams in a different war. I wanted to help open our minds to a new view on goal setting.

I had fresh flowers. Both sunflowers and a mixed bouquet graced my tables in honor of the group, and snacks waited to be enjoyed.

Usually with these Meetup groups, from my past experiences, there are a few no-shows and the groups can end up very different than planned, but on this day everyone showed up that was on the list.

We all settled into our seats and it was time for introductions.  As we each took turns introducing ourselves, something magic happened, something that both blew and opened my mind to the art of healing and the alchemy of unity.

As each woman talked, they had the full attention of the others in the group, and what can end up being awkward and brief (in many other circles I have been in,) each introduction opened up a sacred space for each woman as they shared. A space that allowed for and invited healing on a deep level. Each woman had the opportunity to share their story.

I watched in amazement as the energy of deep healing filled the room. It amazed me and illustrated to me what Cast a Spark is really about. Being seen and heard and how that opens doors that had once been closed.

Cast a Spark is not only a program and a circle. it is a movement. A movement towards healing through being seen. Being visible/seen is something that many of us fear. We can hide our lights and dull our sparkle by not projecting who we are through the way we present ourselves.

This is something I am passionate about because I have spent many years hiding under baggy clothing and black, holding my tongue when I really had something to share, and not living my life fully and not sharing who I really am with those I was close to as well as the world around me.

It is my intention to guide other women out of this way of living into a life of light, sparkle and mojo. I created Cast a Spark to help woman who suffer from lack of inspiration, depression and stagnation and lost ‘mojo.’  This circle is intended to be a way to connect with others who have the intention of brightening their lives and learning ways to hop on the paths that will make them happy. joyful and fulfilled.

As each woman shared, the healing balm of attention and being truly heard opened the way for deep healing to begin.

Healing begins with knowing where you are at the beginning of the journey.

There was a theme present in the room. Each woman was in a different stage of transition. Magic had brought us all together and it was revealed that though we may each be from a different walk of life, we are truly all one as humans, as women. We all have hearts and the path through chaos and change is similar in each life.

Sharing your story is powerful, I knew this, but seeing it in action brought tears to my eyes and opened my heart a bit more.


What was meant to be a circle of introductions, a ‘meet and greet,’ became a vehicle for healing.

Each woman became a bit more aware of the things that were dulling their sparkle. Once the barriers are revealed, the climb can begin to transformation.


One of the things that I am passionate about is helping women create joyful, luminous and purposeful lives. I love watching the deep healing of being able to truly express the totality of who they are and aligning that with the way they shine their light into the world. It is the secret to finding joy.

To learn a bit more about Cast a Spark and how joining the movement might benefit you, sign up for updates. We sail this fall as a group. Click here for more information. 



Living a Soulful Life

What does it mean to live a soulful life?

To me, it is living in such a way that everything has meaning, there is a reason, a DIVINE reason behind all that occurs and that not only brings comfort, it brings purpose.

I used to feel isolated in my longings to have a meaningful life, it seemed that if I looked around me, everyone was in a hurry, saw things literally, were pessimistic and maybe even had that victim mindset (that the universe was conspiring against them.) It seemed at one time that I was surrounded by these naysayers, who didn’t believe in me (didn’t even believe in themselves.)  Once I shifted into a more soulful life, I knew I needed to be around people who resonated with me at the level I was at. I searched. Meanwhile I kept my mind on the life I wanted, a more soulful life. Not just a mere existence.

By miraculous and divine law, I began to slowly attract what I put out there and new friends came into my life who were more in line with the way I wanted my life to be. By refusing to get caught up in the negative spiral of this world. In fact, I began to see this world in a different way, and it was nice.

I discovered message boards full of people who resonated with me and I communicated through social media and in real life I was attracting new folks to be in my circle.

When I went into business for myself, I discovered the power of  inner circles of people who support and lift each other to their higher purpose.  I was able to join and connect with others who shared my interests and though they didn’t know me in person, it WAS in real life.

My friend, Jodi Chapman has created a sanctuary where you can allow your true soul to shine through and find the love and support you need on the path. You will also have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by supporting others and participating in the sacred circle of giving and receiving.

The Soulful Life Sanctuary , a true sanctuary where you can go to find that support, to find the soul in your life.


The Soulful Life Sanctuary is a sacred community where we lift each other up and support each other in listening to our soul’s whispers. It’s a gathering of like-minded friends and a collection of soulful tools and resources to help you along your journey. You’ll be supported every step of the way by me, plus a dozen Soul Guides and a loving community of like-minded friends. It’s a place where we can slow down, share authentically, reconnect with our soul, and open our hearts to others who are on a similar journey.

Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author, an award-winning blogger, and an inspirational community builder. She wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to attract others into her life who do the same. It’s her heart’s desire to help others reconnect with their soul and plug back into their life.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening in October 2010, she went from being a complete skeptic to a believer in miracles and the magic that is always occurring all around us. She now lives her life with love and faith in the driver’s seat, and she hopes to leave a trail of inspiration wherever she goes. She believes that we each have the ability to hear our soul’s whisper and create our best lives.

Jodi Chapman is the author of the award-winning blog, Soul Speak, the creator of the Soulful Life Sanctuary, and the co-author of the bestselling Soulful Journals series, which she wrote with her husband, Dan Teck.

She lives in southern Oregon with her beautiful best friend/soulmate Dan. They share their lives with three wonderful cats: Biddle, Buncom, and Elsie.

Belly Dancing and Shame~ (a commentary and a bit of a rant)

I remember a dance teacher once bringing my attention to the intentions behind why we dance.

 #1 may be that we dance to be famous and get well known for our persona and moves.

#2 might be that we dance to feel really good, to empower ourselves.

#3 being that we dance to entertain others and as such, we hold ourselves to professional standards of the dance.

Three separate reasons. It’s good to be aware of intentions so I was thankful that it was brought to my attention.

I loved to dance, needed to dance, I danced in my mind when certain songs come on, and I have been known (often) to shoulder or hip shimmy in my car (and practice all isolations while driving.) You can say that dancing has been one of my passions.

I realized that while I danced to make myself feel empowered and great and attractive and confident, I also really enjoyed sharing my love for the dance with others. I Loved to perform beauty for others. I had no desire of fame and fortune, my main desire in dance was to perform and teach others how to love this dance form and to help them by sharing the things I have learned along my journey, but there was an underlying message of shame, only slight, and unintended, but I recognize that there is shame behind many of the messages I had received around dance.

Even a tiny bit of shame feels large.

A biggie is “what right do I have to perform if I am not ‘good’ enough ?” and, “If I am dancing for my own empowerment, what right do I have to perform and represent the dance to others as a professional?” *getting paid or receiving any recognition*

The thing is, I had a combination of two intentions. I saw dance as a “feel-good” thing, but I also really wanted to develop my talent and perform for others. The fact that I danced to “feel empowered” coupled with the fact that no, I am not as good of a dancer as many of the professionals out there.  I dance though, and I always strove to have safe, good form and I LOVED entertaining others. Was there an ego component? Yes, I am sure that was there as well/ I admit fully that it felt good, and there was a definite high after a performance.

All performers receive energy from their audience and it usually feeds a part of that person, myself included (but that was not WHY I danced)


Am I good enough to perform? How dare I perform outside of a student show if I am not “good” enough?


I do understand about keeping the quality and standards up, My head understands all of it. “People don’t want to pay for ‘substandard’ performers.” and “that ‘one’ dancer will give a bad name to the dance community of that particular area.

The thing is that I understand that to a certain degree, but where do we draw the line? Who is the supreme judge?


OK, enough now. This is not meant to be a commentary on the dance community at large, back to center.


I will share a bit of my own history with dance.

I started belly dancing initially because I realized how disconnected I was with my body after I had some womb issues when I was pregnant with and birthing my son, a loooonnnggg time ago. I decided that to move my belly and embrace the sensual (yes, sensual) form of dance that honors the womb area of a woman and teaches a woman to move not only that area, but all areas.  I loved dance, it brought me to life and grounded and inspired my creativity.

I stopped for a while as I went through some ups and downs in life, so I have not danced for many years straight through, I HAVE danced many years though. It has lived in me ever since that first lesson. Dance is perennial to me.

When I came back to dance, it was during a time of immense personal growth and I intensely focused on practicing and just dancing.

My first performance and subsequent performances took my breath away. I LOVED everything about it. I didn’t fit in with any group, I didn’t have a dance “tribe” when I first started back out. I took various workshops and lessons and performed when I could.

I was lucky enough to dance a few times professionally (meaning that I actually got paid cash money)

I choreographed and performed and took classes and workshops as often as I could. I was hungry to learn. I took group classes, private classes and I drilled to technique DVDs.

I got to a point where I felt really great about my self, my ability and body. I was on top of the world and then things shifted.

When you shift anything, you shift everything.


I went through a brief marriage and conceived a baby I was to lose, it was a tumultuous time in my life, and while I was with that man I stopped dancing. I just stopped. I got rusty and though I had muscle memory of the moves, I had lost my confidence and mojo.

It was a time of painful and intense personal shadow work.

There were new dancers in town and the dance scene was also shifting and changing.  So, when decided to jump back in and learn as much as possible, I renewed my resolve to be really awesome.

This time it was different.

THIS TIME I had some teachers mirror to me how much I sucked. I can even remember in class one night working on an undulation and the teacher was pointing it out (trying to help me) and wondering what I was doing wrong and why it wasn’t right. It was the external proof I needed to know that I am not the kind of dancer to entertain others, I am only good enough to dance in front of my bedroom mirror.

I won’t go on and on about each experience that mirrored the part of me that felt small and ashamed for wanting to dance to feel good AND to entertain others.

They mirrored to me “How dare you think you could entertain anyone? You are not good enough.”

I even poured my heart out to a fellow dancer about how I wasn’t feeling like I was any good since I took a break and I had lost my mojo and I confided in her my worries that I was really not a ‘good’ dancer and she actually told me: “maybe you should now put your focus now on the things you really ARE good at, like making women beautiful” (this was a swift kick to my confidence and FULL of shame and it also made me not want to be present in the beauty industry which I once loved.)

I had plenty of teachers who supported me and brought out my unique talents (I always was pretty good at undulations, go figure that I kept getting it “wrong.”) These experiences were ALL external pictures to reflect what I was going through internally. Dance is great for that! The form, the discipline, the community, all of it. The audience response and the critics and ALL of it! I am thankful to know this all from experience.

I never got into performing in public again, except for fire dancing, and even with fire dancing I wasn’t performing publicly as often as I used to. Eventually I allowed dance to be crowded out by other new things.  Is that ok? (yes) and is there shame there? (yes, at first there was shame in not measuring up.) What did I learn and gain?


Dance is for everyone and I discovered it’s place in my life and that, my friend, is awesome! because if you could have seen me in those growing years, you would have seen a shadow of me.


Hello dance, my old friend, I want to play with you again.

Dance is once again in my life (perennial)

Dance has also become a teaching tool for me, but I am not teaching people technique and perfection or how to be an upstanding member of the dance community, eff that, haha. I don’t care what others think like I used to. I am now empowered through my KNOWLEDGE of how I can help others. It’s really brilliant.

I am great with the veil, I am awesome at internal undulations (when I am practiced) I have great musicality (good at choosing and interpreting the songs into beautiful pieces of art.) I LOVE dancing with the sword and though I am not good yet, I know with practice I will me because I just took to it.

I claim that now.

I may have to really work on my posture and sometimes I forget to bend my knees deep enough. I am sometimes really good at isolations and sometimes I lose it. I have found my place  and it feels great!


Can you identify any areas in your life, any passions that you have let pass away because of shame?  Not to blame others for any shame doled out, shame just ‘is’ and it is either claimed or unclaimed. Where have you claimed the shame?


If this touched a part of you, you are welcome to comment or even contact me directly.



Living outside of the comfort zone=heavenly

I have a ‘happy place!’ Do you? I am lucky enough to live by the coast (1 1/2 hours away from VA Beach.) But if I drive a but further I end up in the Outer Banks which I prefer for the bigger waves, more relaxed feel and the water seems bluer. Not to mention that my boyfriend is a surfer and while the waves on the East coast aren’t very impressive, the waves are better in the Outer Banks. The beach is definitely my happy place.

I will share a few tidbits from my recent vacation to Nagshead and what I learned.

First of all,  our plans were to go to visit my man’s parents, they are in South Carolina and are near white sand beached with even larger waves. That ended up falling through at the last minute so there I was, a week off and my hopes up for some relaxing and renewal at the beach and no where to go.

I was talking with a hair client of mine and she offered us a room in her large beach house in Nagshead and my first reaction was, “I could never accept that.” and the thought that maybe she was offering, but if I took her up it would be awkward. I went through ALL sorts of resistances to the idea of accepting her generous offer. All we would need was some food and drink and to provide one meal (no trouble for me, I LOVE cooking.)

I thought on it and realized that to accept would be sending a message to the Uni that I am ready for the best life has to offer and I am not going to impede the flow of good to myself anymore. I accepted the invitation and though still worried that I would be imposing, I packed and we made our plans to go.


I could have chosen to be resentful of my man’s parents for dashing our plans again (it is a pattern with them.) but instead I was given and accepted a wonderful gift!

We had the best time and bf was even able to catch a few small waves.

I was able to capture images with my camera (and my iPhone, which has an awesome camera) to remember the feeling of the wind, salt and the sound of the waves.

I would never have had this experience had I not accepted a gift even when it felt uncomfortable to do so. I highly encourage you to look for the gifts that are there waiting for you to notice them. How can you be creative? What pictures are begging to be captured? What words are going through your head?


Accepting that gift to me was outside of my comfort zone, but in order to stretch and improve, you must get comfortable outside of the comfort zone, skip that well worn groove and play a new song.


Tarot: A message from The Empress

The Empress is one of my favorite Tarot cards, she not only represents the Mother/mothering/pregnancy in the traditional sense, but she brings our awareness to the creative process.

Many times she is depicted as a lush pregnant woman in a lush and beautiful, flowing dress with blooms all around her. Each deck artist brings a unique spin to her image.

Her round belly holds potential, creative projects and impulses that need time to gestate before they are released into the world to gain strength on their own.  This gestation period is important and is one of the most important lessons of the Empress.

I don’t know about you, but I can remember far too many times when I had a wonderful creative idea (the conception) and I took steps to make it happen, either in my thoughts and planning, or actual action steps towards it’s creation. I also remember getting so excited about it that I began to talk about it to anyone in my general area. I couldn’t contain my excitement so I let out it’s energy a bit too soon and even to the wrong people (unsupportive/critics.)

What happened? I miscarried, it no longer held the bright potential it had when I was holding it in and protecting it. How about you, can you relate?

Not allowing my spark the time it needed to marinate in the inspiration and nurturance and darkness in order to form it’s structure and gain momentum, snuffed it. This has happened more times than I care to admit.


Do you have an idea? Is there something you would love to make happen/birth into the world?  What are you doing to make it happen?

That glowing light starts as a fragile spark and it needs to be protected at first, it needs that darkness and even the inactive times so it can start to strengthen and gain momentum.

How can you do that? By accepting that inspiration comes in fits and starts, there is not only forward movement, there is necessary darkness when you may even fear that the idea has perished.  These times can be difficult and you may fear that you have lost that spark.

During those times it helps to change your focus, relax and do something nice for yourself. Play, socialize, do something you love that has nothing to do with your idea and realize that it needs time to grow on it’s own. When we plant seeds, they need time to develop roots in the dark earth. Your idea needs the same. Take heart, and hold the energy by resisting the urge to share with people who aren’t supportive, and critical “devil’s advocates.”

*Share with your coach, or a dear friend who supports and cheers you on. (be careful who you choose)

*Write it down or create a visual page in your journal

*Pray or meditate to empty your mind. This will create space for new inspirations that may feed your idea.

* Move your body, to move the energy around. (which will enliven your idea)


You will know when it’s time to share your new creation with the world. It now has it’s own momentum. When you birth a baby, it is now an individual, just like your idea manifests to having life on it’s own

 Happy creating!





Why I am stepping back for a while

Recently I have had a few upsetting things go on in my life, upheaval and chaos. In my relationships with others, my work, my relationship with my emotions, money, my body and my mind. In all areas. Since chaos precedes change, this is an exciting time because change is inevitable and let’s get this party started!

I had been working excitedly on a new program I was (and am) excited to offer! I put a ton of work and play into developing this program and even had a couple of early sign ups. It was to start yesterday and it didn’t…


Try as I may to control it, divine timing will win every time. I ran into roadblock after roadblock, like technical difficulties and things not working… Having a difficult time getting in touch with the right contacts and many little signs.

This is turning out to be the time when I am learning to love and accept my body, I enrolled in a wonderful program with Amber Krzys called ‘Feel Good in your Bikini’ It’s all about acceptance and self-love. I really needed that because as much as I help others with issues similar to the ones I have been through, this lesson lay incomplete and there was a lot more lurking under the surface than I even knew until I cracked it open with my commitment to myself.

I realized that I had been hating my body and punishing myself through food and unhealthy choices. All of my personal pain and issues were being taken out on my own precious body. That hurts. That’s the point.

I needed it so badly, I was living in a form of self loathing and it was getting in the way of my work with new clients and certainly getting in the way of my being authentic in my new upcoming program. As I prepare to teach others how to shine I had lost some of my sparkle. Isn’t that the way it goes though? As we progress to new levels in our growth, the demons arise to challenge us to stand our ground and change with the tides. We will always receive our calling and when things shift,  and our destination shifts from what we think we want, the Universe will make our calling and purpose clear for us if we listen.

I wasn’t listening.

Not listening and resisting and pushing ahead regardless of what it was doing to me was hurting my spirit and because I did ignore my inner tides for a while I did obtain a few wounds.

It is time for a healing, so I called off everything. I rounded up all of my obligations, from financial to emotional and everything in between. I feel good to be on my road, doing what I am called to do, even if I took a risk by slowing down.

I decided to listen.

I am now taking is slow. I postponed my program and am only taking a few private clients until I break through the other side.  I am working on myself while still staying in integrity with all of my agreements. I decided to do what I needed to do to heal myself and I am so glad I did, even if it feels like a few steps back. It is really a step into me and my authenticity and that will translate into the work I do with my clients, it will help my upcoming program pack a punch.

By the way, I did order a new bathing suit and it is symbolic of how far I have come. I can’t forget that. Though I still have far to go, I have made so much progress.

This is the beautiful suit I ordered. What do you think?


How to reignite your creativity

Ever thought about creation? What is involved? Creating something is literally bringing (something) into existence. There is something where there was once nothing.  


What are you creating today?


You can create art in many forms (painting, sculpture.)

You can write a poem or a letter.

You can have a baby.

You can start a relationship.

You can redecorate a room.

You can cook a meal.

The possibilities are endless….

What happens when your creativity is blocked?


When you stare at a blank page, or when you just don’t know what you’re going to pull together for dinner, when you aren’t inspired to make art…What happens then?


Movement is a powerful way to bust through the blocks.

One of the things I do as a part of many of my programs is a ‘Hip Circle.’ We form a circle and shimmy our hips, we circle and move our hips/sacral area. The sacral chakra is located just under your bellybutton, it is the seat of your creative power and getting in touch with it when you are feeling stuck is a potent way to kick-start your creativity.

Hip Circle is not about learning to dance, it’s not about performing or perfecting your technique… It is about moving the energy through your body, letting go and allowing yourself to be wild and free.

I am a belly dancer and in the past few years I have given up performing and the idea of being ‘perfect,’ I am now in it for the fun and to shake myself loose and move when I feel stiff and stuck.

When I was really driven to be a perfect dancer, the dance ceased to be fun and it became a schedule of drilling moves, classes, choreographing and the nervous energy before a performance. I am not saying I won’t go back to that, but for now I have released it… It was no longer fun. I am committed to bringing lightness and fun back to my life and dance is a perfect vehicle to do that.


The next time you feel stuck in your creativity, try putting on music and dancing, move your body, shake your hips… Circle your hips and focus on your sacral area… Imaging it filled with glowing orange light… Allow the light to envelop you. Then dive into your project!


What are you creating?

Leave it in the comments below, or feel free to message me.