Facing the demons doesn’t feel good, none of it feels good until you make the shift, then..Bliss

Today’s post will be short and sweet.


When you make shifts in your life and energy. When you up level or expand yourself… When you grow, there is the very real chance that those close to you may not be able to hang. 


In fact, they might be mirroring to you old attitudes you have about yourself. Once you change your self talk, you will attract people who mirror the new way you see yourself. The ones who are comfortable with the “old you” will kick and panic as if their air supply is being cut off. This is part of the process.

When my closest one shamed me for my body, he was simply an old attitude I had about my body surfacing for it’s last (mean) gasp of air. Now that I feel loving to myself, the only struggle I have is the fear of loss and change in relation to my relationship “security.”


Sure, all of MY fears are surfacing, but I reached out to three close friends who know and support me with honesty. They are not “yes men” and I can count on the truth.  I want that. I offer that to others and I am finally comfortable in receiving.


This point I have gotten to is a place of calm power. I know who I am and what I am capable and I trust in the process.

People ask me what Cast a Spark is all about, well, it’s about THIS. Reclaiming yourself,  reclaiming your soul and being a beacon of life for others.

It is about BEING your own movement. You create it and then live into it. That is what I am doing and you can do it as well.


I am having a free call on August 25th about HOW to start this journey or stay on the path. How to reclaim life’s ‘plot twists’ and release the drama that doesn’t serve you.


Please save the date (August 25th, it’s a Monday. 7pm EST but it will be recorded)


More on the details very soon. If you want to make sure you see the sign up for the call when I release it, be sure to sign up for my list at the end of this post.

How I became a crystal healer

Do you love crystals? I know I do, they are a passion of mine. I always have loved their sparkle and beauty, and from a young age I knew there was a LOT more to them.

Over the years I collected many crystals and would carry them, hold them while meditating, use them on my altar, sleep with them under my pillow. I just knew that there was more to them than just sparkle and beauty.

At the end of 2011, I made a very import end decision that has affected everything I am all about. I decided to enroll in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal Healer course so I could learn more about our sparkly allies and to be able to better help others.

Heather Addley Photography

Heather Addley Photography

Quite honestly, I was always a crystal healer and I don’t believe you HAVE to have a class and certification to make you into a healer. The reason I love this opportunity so much is that you do learn the science and physics behind why and how the crystals work. I have been able to utilize crystals better and more often into my life, from building my own crystal grids to working with the crystals on clients, giving crystal consultation and and much more. Hibiscus Moon has even helped me out learning how to weave crystal healing into a genuine business and I have had much success since taking her course.

I am proud to say that on May 22nd, 2012 I became a Certified Crystal healer, and on September 18th, 2013 I became a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master.

She is currently enrolling for her Certified Crystal Healer course  (only until 8/27) and has even added new perks and tiers since I was in the program.


Here is some of the info and perks of enrolling in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal healer Course. 


This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! you will explore all the newest research & use the science behind crystal vibrations to develop you into a different kind of Crystal Healer!


What does the course include?

  • 8 pre-recorded video webinar-style classes (each approx. 90+ min.)   Click here to view a class sample!

  • 8 mp3 downloads

  • 8 detailed transcripts of the classes

  • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week

  • Ooooodles of class resources

  • FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments

  • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class

  • 1 integration week, giving you additional time to absorb & implement

  • 1 year membership to our private social networking website/forum (The Crystal Cave) exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program; a community of Crystal Hotties to support you & to create friendships with for life.

  • 1 on 1 Q & A support from our Crystal Coaches for the entire 9 week term in our Crystal Cave Forum

  • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it

  • BONUS: A full year access to our LIVE playdates.  This is a value of $240!

  • BONUS:  Hibiscus Moon’s highly sought after recipe for her Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge so you can make buckets of your own.

Once graduated, you’ll be certified by The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and be sent a certificate that is suitable for framing.  You’ll also receive 18 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), be able to use the letters CCH after your name, and be given approval to apply for optional accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee.

The Certified Crystal Healer Program Includes These 8 Classes:

  • Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy

  • Create Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals

  • Working with Crystal Grids

  • Chakra Balancing Using Crystals

  • Working w/ Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy

  • Crystal Healing for Animals

  • Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools

  • Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer


Enrollment is now open for the next course which kicks off on August 13th, 2014.

HURRY! hibiscusmoon.ontraport.net/t?orid=2461&opid=9


Cutting cords of attachment

What is a cord of attachment?


Simply put, a cord is an energetic connection. It is a toxic, unhealthy connection between yourself and another.

We don’t see these cords, we feel them, and they affect us in profound ways. We have unhealthy cords of attachment to other people, to jobs, even situations. When you find yourself continually thinking or obsessing about a person or a situation, you have a cord.


Cords tie us to unresolved situations or issues. Any time there is relationship that had an unhealthy effect on your life, you likely have a cord of attachment.

Cords can also be formed around (in the words of one of my lovely friend and teacher, Lisa Wechtenhiser of Practically Intuitive,) “places in your life, or moments in the past where you released a lot of energy. If you dwell on a certain location, or time, you lose energy to it, because you are not using that energy for your present time.”
I have had cords of attachment cut for me and the experiences have been profound and healing. Of course the first one I had to cut was that of an old boyfriend who used to physically abuse me. That was affecting my self esteem, and keeping me from speaking my truth because whenever I would express myself, it would not be good. I won’t go into the details but it was so unpleasant I learned to keep my *self* to myself.


After that cord was cut ,  I felt a sense of freedom and was able to unfold into a woman who is able to speak up in all current relationships, without fear.

One of the best parts is when we examine the relationship dynamics. This is healing in and of itself, we spend a good bit of the session processing what lived in that cord.
Cutting a cord with another person does not hurt them in any way, it also does not have to sever the relationship, it just gets rid of the *yuck,* it releases the negative programming so you can move ahead in your life without that unhealthy cord affecting you anymore. It doesn’t stop love or even connection, it just eliminates the toxic energies that pass between you and the other person.
You can cut cords of attachment with anyone living or deceased, whether they are in or out of your life. The process just makes life easier and helps to get you unstuck, and also aids you in “syncing up” with new and healthy relationships!


Is this something you can do yourself? 

Absolutely, there are energetic hygienic techniques that I teach for sweeping away cords. Some will easily be removed, others are more tricky. I usually tell people if it is a minor cord, like minor discomfort with another person or even when there is another person who seemingly means you harm and it is starting to bother you.


For the major cords; deep familial cords, or with spouses or those you have been intimate with for a long time, professional help is recommended.


Is there only one way to cut a cord of attachment?

Absolutely not. There are many ways and techniques. I have experiences several different techniques performed by other healers as well as self help techniques. Yes, they can all be effective.


What is different about the method you use?

One of the most valuable take-aways from the technique I have connected with is that we examine the content and energy patterns in the cords. It is both comforting and illuminating to know what happened energetically. It also helps you see and recognize the same tendencies as they try to present themselves again, so you have a better chance of getting out of the same cycle of destructive relationships. In a sense, it’s like receiving an intuitive reading on the relationship in addition to the cord cutting.


Your hour long session will be recorded if you wish, so you can listen to it later (it eliminates the need to take notes so you can be fully present.)


How can I book a cord cutting?

Here is a link to book your appointment. 

If you have any questions about any part of the process, please contact me and ask away!

How to love your body

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To Cast your Spark, you must first love yourself, your WHOLE self, and that includes your physical body. Many of us walk around hating on ourselves. Even if you’ve learned how to appreciate your spiritual inner spark, there is your outer expression to consider. If you walk around with loathing for your tummy, or thighs, and hide behind a scowl or a baggy shirt, what you are doing is chipping away at the very threads of your being. You are hiding your spirit, and that is depriving the world.

You are a movement, you can change anything in this world by shifting your attitude inside. It’s not only about positive affirmations, it is about courage, the courage to expose yourself. Total transparency, there is comfort in that.


In addition to the inner work, I am listing 7 important ways to love on your body.

1~Proper Nourishment~

One of the best ways we can love our body is to take care of it by giving it the proper nourishment. Giving the body REAL food, and staying away from processed crap with ingredient lists so long and unpronounceable that we don’t even know what we’re eating. The standard american diet is filled with “healthy” foods that come in pretty packages, and we are so cut off from the source of our food that our children think meat comes from the supermarket and not from a once living thing, and vegetables are taken from cans or from that cold aisle in the grocery store. Know what you are eating, appreciate it’s source and prepare your food with love, care and reverence.


Proper hydration is not only important for our very lives, but it reduces bloating, assists with weight loss, reduces hunger (thirst is often mistaken for hunger) and improves overall physical health.   When you get all of your fluid needs from juices, sodas and other sugary drinks, you are not enhancing your health, rather you are adding empty calories and it affects your blood sugar, causing spikes and crashes in energy. How much water do you need? Studies have given differing recommendations, from 8 glasses a day, to a certain amount per body weight. However, if we are eating a healthy, clean diet, we are getting some of our water needs through our food, so generally let thirst be a guide and don’t force yourself to drink just because you feel it is what you need. The amount we need differs. Replacing those sugary drinks for water is a start in getting in touch with your true thirst. So DRINK WATER!!

3~ Wear clothes that fit~

Don’t hide your beautiful body under baggy and larger than your size clothingThat doesn’t make you look thinner, it eats away at your self confidence and even causesdepression because you are (in a way) withdrawing from the world by hiding from it.wearing clothes that fit make you look self confident, and helps you accept your body the way it is. Wanna change your body? The start is realizing and accepting where you are *right now* and knowing that the only way to successfully make a change to your appearance is to be clear about your starting point. That is why we weigh when we begin a weight loss regimen. Love that beautiful body by appreciating it and wearing your size!!

4~Connection with Positive People~

Who you hang out with has a HUGE effect on your own outlook on life. By surrounding yourself with positive people, their outlook will rub off on you and you will find yourself on a positive and happy path rather than in a negative spiral. You will achieve your goals and have a higher chance of success. If your friends love themselves and their bodies, you will be more apt to love yours. If you are surrounded by negative people who hate on their own bodies, then you will begin to notice all of your “faults” and shortcomings and are even at risk for depression. So pay attention to those who are closest to you and be discerning.

5~Move your Body~

My favorite!! Exercise!! Hate working out? Maybe you are doing the wrong thing. Chalene Johnson (creator of ‘Turbo Jam,’ ‘Turbo Fire,’ and ‘Chalean Extreme’) suggests that you find your “soul mate” workout. That way of nurturing your body through movement that you LOVE and would do it even if it wasn’t beneficial to you. That thing that gives you energy. If you don’t like running, try tennis or dancing. Love lifting weights? Love basketball? Hate spending an hour on the elliptical? Then don’t do it, try something else. (I LOVE Chalean’s creation ‘Turbo Fire,’ which has fun music, incorporates kick boxing and fun dancing as well as great music that motivates.) Hate the gym? Try working out at home! Hate working out at home? Try a sport or even just dancing around your living room alone or even with your kids.



Gratitude is so important in life. It not only helps you really love yourself, but it helps you become more prosperous and achieve your goals. Gratitude sends the message to the Universe that you appreciate the things you have and in turn sends you more to be grateful for. Blessing your meals, blessing your body, making a list of all of the things in your life you are grateful for increases your positivity thus attracting more into your life, from positive people to things and attitudes. Gratitude is a powerful practice. either think , speak or write down the things you are grateful for each and every day. i like the morning as it helps me to have a more positive day.

7~ Accept a Compliment~

When someone gives you a compliment how does it make you feel? Like denying it? Do you negate it by listing the reasons why you suck rather than accepting that you shine bright enough that someone noticed and bothered to TELL you? Remember that when we learn to receive the good things in life, we attract more good, and when you deny a compliment, you are not only telling the giver of the compliment that they are wrong, you are blocking the good things from coming your way. So the next time someone compliments you, try saying “THANK YOU” and smiling, breathe in the positivity and then remember to also notice the positive in others and give compliments out as well. Giving and receiving are equally as important. If you are good at giving but not receiving, then practice that “thank you” and if you haven’t received a compliment in a while, look in the mirror and give yourself one :)

It you want to make changes in your physical appearance and to become fit in Mind/BODY and Spirit, then accept where you are and practice these principles and practices to start LOVING on your body. Your body will respond in kind.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO LOVE YOUR BODY? I would love to hear them, please comment by clicking the link at the top of this post. I would LOVE to hear!!

Do you need verbal intimacy?

Words are great. It’s great to write and reflect, but to share words with another person can be so special, so intimate. The more I reflect on words, I realize that it is a basic need to have intimacy through words FOR ME. The question is, would that be true for most people? After all, everyone has their own unique way of expressing love and being intimate.


Some people show it physically through sexual intimacy

Some people show it through actions, doing practical things.

Some people do it through touch… and so on…

In the book, ‘The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman brings up the differing styles of love expression, and helps explain the differences and how to express love to each type. Not everyone is compatible, especially if they don’t understand compromise, but I do believe that for each person, the expression of love and connection is a basic human need and connection will show up differently for each type.


According to Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, connection is a basic human need, we all need connection of some sort, but what about verbal expression? Is it possible to hold words in and still be healthy?

What if your intimate partner is a ‘wall’ and not receptive to your words? Would that make you slowly wither away and die in your heart?


I am curious if this is true on a whole, or if it is just a part of MY makeup?


I am, as we all do, learning from personal experience. Through the pain of NOT having something, I realize that it is a need for me. A basic human need is what we need for survival.

I am in love with words. I love to write, I love to talk, I love poetry/ the weaving of words to create art. I absolutely need to express myself verbally.  I understand that now, it is not a fault, it is like water to me, I will not survive without it. Needing sustenance is no weakness, it is a fact.

Sometimes writing poetry is not enough, journaling is helpful, but it is not enough, it is the connection that is lacking. Sure, others can connect to our words by reading and even being inspired by what we write, but there is no substitute for deep connection that only comes from speaking aloud and being received. Receiving another’s words is also healing. It not only lifts the spirit, it completes the cycle of giving and receiving and creates balance that shines out through your entire being.


That brings us to ‘expression.’  Expression is another basic human need, according to Rosenberg. Without some sort of expression, we implode or explode, it is destructive to mental physical and emotional health.


In my own life, I have recently experienced extreme suppression of verbal expression, and it has not been good for my mental or emotional health. I have acted out and desperately expressed myself in ways I never could imagine. I have felt pain I can’t describe. Is this the emotional equivalent of physical starvation?


I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Is verbal intimacy important to you?

Can you identify other ways to love and be loved that are vital to you?

Please leave your thoughts by clicking ‘comment’ at the top of this post.





How do you celebrate the full moon?

When I am joyfully connected with myself and the cycles of Mother nature,  I am very aware of the moon. I know where she is, when she’s waxing, when she’s waning… I know when she’s full or new.


During the times when I am cut off from the incredible source energy that is everything, I tend to have no idea where the moon is.


Right now the moon is waxing, the energy is building and on the 10th she will be full, not just full, but a Super Moon, which means that she will be the closest to the Earth. The energy will be the strongest it can be, to affect change and make an impact. Here is an excellent article containing many different insights and much information on this particular moon. The energies present are right on time for me, how about you?


I like to mark the new and full moons through little rituals, and harness the energy emanating from the moon to cleanse and charge things (and myself.) I will share a few things I do to mark the FULL moon.


1. Build a crystal grid, or re-activate a crystal grid.


2. Ground, put my bare feet on the Earth and draw in the healing energy.


3. Get out in nature and connect with the season, whichever one we are in.


4. Cleanse my crystals in the light of the moon . I put them on cookie sheets, cleanse them with sound and(if they are not too safe, water) and carry them out to my deck to soak up the light of the full moon.



5.Draw and oracle card.


6. Dance with fire.



7. Light a candle



8. Let go of old hurts


9. Release things/habits/ people that no longer serve me


10. Cast a spell


11. Cut cords of attachment


12. Make a gem elixir



I could go on, get the idea? The Full Moon is a time to celebrate and come out. Reflect on what you no longer need or want, and it is a great time to build energy for any purpose.


How are YOU going to mark this full super moon? 




I drew The Tower card: Here’s what happened

I drew the Tower card, if you know anything about the Tarot, it is one of the cards that causes fear and dread for some people. It is about sudden change, unexpected disturbances. It usually precedes a chaotic period that tests your tenacity. More about the Tower later, here is my story…


The day before yesterday I wrote about how life throws curve balls, and reflected on how to handle them. Life had thrown a big one at me. A big disappointment and upset in my personal life. This was hard to work through and I was in the midst of a TON of progress on a big program I am getting ready to launch. Life really does work this way, I took time away from my work to heal, but the storm was still at full strength and it was hard to take a break from it. I was basically holding on for dear life as the storm wreaked havoc in my life. The storm had an eye, a moment of calm, but that was short lived, so I held on and waited it out. No choice but to take time for me and to work through this.


Fast forward to yesterday. I was lifting a bag heavy with books and it spilled, so I bent over to put the books back in the bag and I felt an ominous pop in my lower back, then searing, sharp pain. The pain didn’t subside and I couldn’t move at first, then I was able to stagger into the coffee shop to order my daily Americano.  I was pretending that it was a normal day, I was mimicking someone who could walk normally.  I could no longer pretend, I was overtaken by pain, so I grabbed my Americano and headed straight to the ER to see if there was anything I could do. It was early morning and I was working on my feet in a couple of hours, so I needed to straighten this out.


The pain was so awful and I had to power through it to operate my five speed, I am not even sure how I made it. You should have seen my parking job once I got there. I was seen immediately. I could barely talk through tears. I felt like a young child with an owie that felt like the end of the world. I knew the tears were about more than the pain in my back, they were also a release for the other things that I was holding in. I allowed it for a while, turned my head and used the pain as an excuse. They saw me right away. I had to leave my Americano in the lobby, the hard won cup of coffee sat getting cold… Eventually it got tossed. Oh well.


A couple of hours later I emerged after a shot that relieved the pain and THREE scrips (I am not one who likes to take meds, but I was making an exception.) I was able to relieve the pain enough to make it home.


The meds helped to numb me, but not take away the pain (either pain, the physical and emotional.) I was able to find a comfortable shelter though, and the storm was subsiding, so I was able to think about that down time.

Pain in the lower back is associated with financial worries, not feeling supported and fear of moving forward. All three of those things associated with my personal typhoon.

The Universe works in amazing ways, I thought I was taking a time-out, but the Uni jumped in and showed me what a REAL time out looks like, it stopped me literally in my tracks.  For this, I am grateful. I am the type to move through things quickly, because I have learned to just steel myself and face the dragon. This is a hard one to face.


I have wonderful work to do in this world, I am ready to face the seed and origin of this particular phase in my life.


I am still working on that fear piece. I feel supported by my outer circle, but not from my closest family in this situation, and that is difficult to face.


The Tower in the tarot represents the rug getting pulled from under you to create major, cataclysmic change in your life. It is the ultimate disturbance, not always bad, but it shakes you to the core. 

When has the Tower appeared in your life? Does it scare you? Or do you relish the challenge?

What happens when life throws you a storm?

So, you’re on your path, doing great and things are flowing and doors are opening for you.. Then *it* happens. Whatever *it* is, there never seems to be time for it.

When life throws big emotional wrenches into your life, how do you stay on track? Do you power through and ignore the feelings? Do you take a break and heal? Do you throw in the towel?

It really does seem that when you’re on the brink of a breakthrough, something will show up to try and unseat you, this has played out in my life many times.  The key is to be ready for it so you’re not blindsided. Realize that it’s the way the Universe sifts through what fits and what doesn’t fit into your life. A painful lesson sometimes, but necessary.

Myself? I decided to take a little break. I needed to switch a few appointments around ( my apologies.)  When doing intuitive work it is really impossible to connect if you’ve got a personal storm going on. I’m ok (because I am taking care of myself)

What about you? How do you handle these little “interruptions?” (of course they are part of the process.)

Leave a comment by clicking at the top of this post. I look forward to your insights.



I was body shamed

I am heavier in the face (and boobs) but I am confident and love myself.

I was body shamed.


The thing was that it was from someone I am close to. That’s what hurts the most. When this person apologized, they went on to negate their apology by mentioning that this was the last time they would be honest with me. Well, well… that’s helpful.


I am big into health and fitness, BIG. I love it. I cook my own food, not all of the time, but mostly. I work out religiously and challenge myself. I am not lazy, so why am I carrying some excess poundage? Beats me, but I am starting to get a tiny clue and it all started with a heavy dose of body shame. I will share in a bit with the hope that it may touch some of you.

I am heavier in the face (and boobs) but I am confident and love myself.

I am heavier in the face (and boobs) but I am confident and love myself.


I want to lose weight and here is why

Aside from the way fit into my clothes, I feel heavy and my knees and feet hurt when I am at the weight I am at now. I am wanting to lighten up for those reasons, not because I think fat is ugly. Society standards have come a long way lately (or maybe that is who I am choosing to surround myself with.) I notice a lot more acceptance of larger women and I am truly ok with being larger, but I hurt, and it is harder to do things I want to do.  I actually have (or thought I had) a healthy self confidence. This situation may be pointing out my shortcomings though.  Remember that others are a mirror to how you feel about yourself. That is worth remembering to turn hurts into lessons and gain value from them.


Some of the most beautiful women I know are luscious and curvy and have confidence, in fact that confidence makes them hold themselves in a way that is beautiful and magnetic. ALL shapes and sizes are valid and beautiful, there is beauty everywhere if you look.

I also hear people skinny-shaming women who are “too thin.” Hell, I have been told “I hate you” more than once when I was at a lower weight and toned up.  How lovely to have hate professed to me by practical strangers just because of my weight.


The best shame is NO shame, it is not ok to shame someone for their body.


The thing is…


I must have had some disdain for myself, even though consciously I love my body. I appreciate it and work hard to accept it. The fact that I am working so much to accept myself is only proof that there is a deep inner problem.

The fact that a loved one (in quotes) mirrored back to me things I didn’t dare allow myself to think tells me that I must be beating up on myself on some level. Also, very impotently, if I was stuffing these feelings, of course someone will come out of the woodwork to point out these “facts.” That’s the law of the Universe. I have watched it play out many times.



I work with women and inspire them to live lives of artistry and beauty. I coach women to appreciate their entire being and get to know and accept their “you-ness.” Currently I am struggling with the entire gamut of negative self talk (triggered by this incident of body shame) and even a touch of self loathing. This shit is pervasive! Society standards exist everywhere. Until we reach a critical mass of lovingkindness towards our bodies, it will be a strong societal pattern to overcome. I believe in us though, we can pull together and do it … Let’s find the tipping point and rush that thing.

Let’s spread the self-body- love and make it in honor of those who body-shame. Let’s use the hater’s energy to fuel our movement!  I honestly feel sorry for them (they know not what they do) and they are missing out on the depth of a soulful life.

You can’t live a truly soulful life when you are fixated on defining what an “imperfection” is.  Who decides that??? Each person decides for themselves and I encourage self-compassion.  It’s OK that you are not perfect in the eyes of some, because just remember that you are a true beauty in the eyes of the ones that matter .


It is painful, but when we are on a path of growth, we are called out by the Universe on our shit and not let off the hook.

That, my friends, is a fact.


Time to let joy and love in. No hate can survive it.

Time to let joy and love in. No hate can survive it.

So, I am working on loving and forgiving my shamer, and realizing that there is an ignorance that he carries that I am free of. I am so thankful to be conscious and awake that I would never want to be in the world that things the only beauty is someone who fits in one body type!! That honestly sounds so boring… and shallow.


Have you ever been at the receiving end of body shame? Have you brought it on yourself? (shamed yourself?)

I would love to hear and maybe I can help. Please leave a comment at the link at the top of this post. I look forward to your input!



How to raise your frequency~ Part 3


Part three in my series on ‘how to raise your vibration.’ The most important thing to remember.


Yesterday we went over some of the immediate, outer things you can do to raise your vibration. Today we are focusing within.  While outer is also important, it will all crumble eventually if that’s all you have going.  While meditation is helpful and beneficial, it is not the only thing that you can do to raise your vibration.

 The one main thing that I have found is the absolutely most crucial habits to have a strong, high frequency is:


Appreciation and Gratitude


Appreciate, have love and compassion for your body, it does so much for you, it’s every impulse is to support you in every way. We beat up on ourselves about our bodies far too often.. A calm acceptance and appreciating all that your body gives you is crucial.

Appreciate, love and have compassion for your mind and emotions. All of the difficult emotions are there as a process to become a stronger person. Through mental struggle you will find clarity, and a clear state of mind is very “high vibe.”

Appreciate, love and have compassion for others. Even those you don’t like ((or get along with) are there for your highest growth and a part of the bigger picture for you. You may not see it at the time though. Appreciate ALL of the people in your life.

Gratitude for everything in life. Cultivate that loving’One-ness’ with all by daily focus on what you are grateful for. Make a daily list. There is even a nifty smart phone app for this, some even let you attach photos to make it a more visual experience.


Flowers for you to brighten your day

Flowers for you to brighten your day

Be still and breathe


You don’t have to spend a lot of time at once, the key is in being to get still anywhere, and quickly. When you are in a turbulent situation… be still and breathe, relax and release the stress. This comes from practice, which is where meditation comes in, but it doesn’t have to be you sitting in lotus position for 20 minutes or longer a day, it starts with just coming back to the breath. Moving and breathing.

When you are still, focus on all of the things you are grateful for and all of the things you appreciate. Acknowledge it all, and feel it.


Thank you for reading 

If you only remember ONE thing, remember this one.


What are you grateful for?  What do you appreciate in your life? Please share in the comments, click ‘leave comment’ at the top of this post.