What are your values and why are they important?

What are your values. What would you fight for? This is the question that often stumps many people. It’s east to be connected with the things that are fun about you, the things that other people notice and you are proud of, but the convictions that...

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crystal healing, what is crystal healing, how does crystal healing work
What is crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing Therapy is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience. Crystal Healing Therapy re-aligns energetic frequencies, removes blocks (physically and emotionally,) encourages soul learning and spiritual growth.   How Does Crystal Healing Therapy work? Imbalances in the energetic body can manifest as physical illness, dis-ease and /or...

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Gut health, digestive health
What to do when you feel tired and frumpy?

I’ve been there! Wanting to hide beneath loose, black clothing. Wanting to stay home because nothing fits… Nothing looks good. It’s awful, and even if you know all of the advice about accepting your body as it is and dressing in clothes that show it...

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How to make a plan for eating better

You're all gung -ho to start planning out your meals and putting them in your calendar.  You're also making workout dates with yourself. Putting these things in your calendar is important, it makes them a priority. It helps you keep the agreements with yourself which...

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asian female cooking with magic against color background
How to be a Kitchen Witch!

  You can affect the world through your cooking. You can make magic, weave spells, all through food. There is much more to nutrition, eating and wellness than just the physical parts you can see, there is an entire Universe animating the foods. Feeding yourself and your...

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woman support circle
What if I fall off of the wagon?

No one is perfect and if you've committed to a full plant based diet, it can be a challenge, especially when you're out to eat. It's also hard at parties (and we're coming up on holiday party season.)   I actually fell a bit last night, I...

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body positive
Are you a bully to your body?

  What is your body trying to say to you?   Do you happily celebrate your body with regular movement? Do you honor your body through the food you choose to eat? Do you see your body as the sacred vehicle that holds you up? Are you able to look in...

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vegan cookie dough balls
How to lose weight eating what you want.

It’s all about shifting the negative judgments you hold over your body into self-acceptance and self-love. Once you are able to crack through those feelings of self-loathing and shame, you will WANT to feed yourself food that nourishes you! Releasing weight and normalizing your body...

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