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What if I fall off of the wagon?

No one is perfect and if you've committed to a full plant based diet, it can be a challenge, especially when you're out to eat. It's also hard at parties (and we're coming up on holiday party season.)   I actually fell a bit last night, I...

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Are you a bully to your body?

  What is your body trying to say to you?   Do you happily celebrate your body with regular movement? Do you honor your body through the food you choose to eat? Do you see your body as the sacred vehicle that holds you up? Are you able to look in...

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How to lose weight eating what you want.

It’s all about shifting the negative judgments you hold over your body into self-acceptance and self-love. Once you are able to crack through those feelings of self-loathing and shame, you will WANT to feed yourself food that nourishes you! Releasing weight and normalizing your body...

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Eating more vegetables will raise your vibe.

  Eating vegetables is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration, connect with nature and the Divine, and even your own intuition. Taking in more plants also feels good, regardless of the other dietary beliefs you have. Plants are an important part of any...

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It’s my birthday, your gift is…

It's my birthday!!   The High Vibe Living 4 week experience is kicking off on the 21st and I was thinking, I appreciate everyone who is reading and I really want to give you a giftie! The more, the higher the frequency! I'd love to have you join us.   If...

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Hypnotherapy FAQ

 Frequently Asked Questions     What is hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness. A pleasant, voluntary state of relaxation and focused concentration. In the hypnotic state you can communicate directly with the subconscious mind. Your body is very relaxed, and the mind is still focused and...

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Eat to balance your life and raise your vibration

What does it mean to raise your vibration? The frequency of matter is the rate of speed that the atoms move. As frequencies are lower, the matter is more solid, and at higher frequencies matter becomes less solid and eventually is invisible to the naked eye....

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A personal share about my weight

There are so many shame-based judgments about people (especially women) who weigh more than the typical magazine model. Not only shame, but guilt and a cycle of frustration, anger (directed toward self.) In general, there are judgments made about lifestyle, eating habits, exercise habits and...

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Find beauty in struggle

  “So, let go, let go Jump in Oh well, what you waiting for? It’s all right ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown” ~Frou Frou     Is there beauty in the breakdown?   Not all of life’s lessons are “pretty,” of course, we all know that. They come disguised as tough ongoing relationships, painful...

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11 things you can do to feel beautiful

  Look at your entire body in the mirror daily. You are beautiful in your own unique way, accept who and where you are. Look at yourself naked, look at yourself in your favorite dress. Do you avoid mirrors? Try to push yourself out of your...

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