Eating more vegetables will raise your vibe.


Eating vegetables is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration, connect with nature and the Divine, and even your own intuition.

kelly st claire wellness coachTaking in more plants also feels good, regardless of the other dietary beliefs you have. Plants are an important part of any diet (of mine,) full of enzymes,nutrients, fiber, and even color frequencies! That’s an incomplete list. There are so many benefits!


Foods closer to how they’re found in nature are teeming with life, especially when eaten raw, but even cooked to your taste will have a great benefit!

Sure, there are ways to buy your vegetables in boxes at the supermarket, looking nothing like how they grow from Mother Earth. They are usually full of sodium, and the fiber may be completely processed out of them. I recommend shopping or your veggies in the produce aisle or Farmer’s market.  Sometimes the frozen vegs that are flash frozen are ok, not ideal but better than nothing. If you want the best benefits, get them from local sources, freshly picked (like from the Farmer’s market) or in the local section of your favorite Natural Foods Market.
There are so many ways to add more vegetables into your diet. Here are three. If you’re interested in a strategy to add more, contact me.)<h/2>
1.Replace your pasta. Shave them into noodles with a  julienne peeler or even better, an Inpiralizer! I love my Inpiralizer! I spiralize anything from zucchini to sweet potatoes, beets, and it’s even good to chop cabbage into nice small pieces to add to salads or make cole slaw!

2.Add a variety to salads.  Salads don’t have to be boring! You can add beets, turnips, cabbage. Try even if you’re skeptical. chop them small.

3.Add greens to your soups. After the soup is ready, add a few handfuls of greens, cover and wait for them to wilt and become one with the soup. I especially like baby spinach or baby kale. It’s a great way to sneak them into picky kids (or adults.)


How many vegetables do you eat? Even if you don’t decide on a plant-based diet you’ll benefit from adding them in. One of my passions is helping people learn how to do just that. Helping people learn ways to create yummy plant-based dishes is a passion to me.

I have a Facebook group. Free, for anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle. It’s a growing community and this is your invitation. Click HERE to join!


To summarize. Adding veggies will raise your vibration, help you connect with the Divine and experience glowing health. Join the group and add your opinions and ides, help others,  find support, ideas and motivation.



me1Kelly has a full knowledge and experience of what your energy body and vibration has to do with your physical health.

That’s what’s missing from many of these nutrition and physical improvement programs.

Her mission is to guide and inspire others to raise their frequency in both the physical and energetic bodies so they can experience perfect health, wellness and peace.

Her passion is to help you gain control of your health and body acceptance so you can learn how to do things like intuitively plan and prepare meals and make healthy, nurturing dietary and lifestyle choices.

Her big vision is to Inspire health and wellness through the frequency of joy to raise the vibration of the whole world!

Her approach is not only lifestyle and wellness coaching, she blends in life coaching and hypnotherapy so you can dig down into the deeper issues. Contact her HERE if you’d like some help. Sh’s very approachable and no pressure.





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