Give me three weeks, commit to taking action and I’ll help you joyfully lighten your body and raise your spirit!

 Learn about your energy body and how it relates to keeping your beautiful body in great shape and at it’s naturally perfect weight!


High Vibe Living will draw what you want to you. How do your health habits contribute to that glowing vibe that is your highest potential? I’ll show you.

How does your vibration affect your overall health?

Find out how to balance weight and health by making a few simple changes.

Living a High Vibe Life in relation to your health and wellness is a simple way to make rapid shifts that will change your body, mind and spirit. If you’re looking for self-transformation, this is a good way to find it.

When you’re looking to make a physical transformation, paying attention beyond the physical body is crucial to actually making change happen…

What does it mean to be ‘High Vibe?’

The frequency of matter is the rate of speed that the atoms move. As frequencies are lower, the matter is more solid, and at higher frequencies matter becomes less solid and eventually is invisible to the naked eye.  Our energy body is, simply put, our chakras, and auric field (the layers of energy that are in and around our bodies.)

When I say ‘vibration/vibe’, I’m referring to the frequencies. Everything has a frequency. Our bodies, emotions, thoughts, food, and all other things.

Some higher vibes: Joy, love, bliss.. and lightness of being, good moods, higher metabolism, energy and stamina.

In contrast, lower vibes: Anger, frustration, self-loathing, criticism, shame and guilt.

Living a “High Vibe Life” is all about aligning yourself with the frequencies that are moving faster, higher energy, better able to metabolize your food, ideas, experiences.

The food that tends to have the highest vibes are the foods in the plant kingdom. Raw plant foods are alive and teeming with movement, even vegetables that have been cooked (not cooked to death) still have high frequencies.

The food that tends to have the lower vibes are heavy things like meats, pasteurized dairy, heavily processed foods, foods with “fake” ingredients.

What’s a huge part of living a High Vibe Life?

It’s ditching the body shame… By others and toward yourself.

Shame is so destructive, and it’s pointless. When you look at your body, the highest way is to pour out love and appreciation. Gratitude for all that your body does for you.

The High Vibe Living Program is offered in three info-packed group  sessions to set you on the path to a healthier, lighter and joyful life.

In your three weeks you’ll be untangling yourself from those lower frequencies, find love for your body, and crave food that is more alive.

I can help you connect the dots that join your energetic frequency with your physical body.

What can you expect?

A blend of Personal Wellness and Life coaching!

Body Positive Awareness!

Be comfortable being seen!

Feel at ease taking up space in the world.

Lighter body and mind.

A solid mission, vision and plan!

Major progress made in your body transformation.

Easy methods to halt those low vibe traps you can fall into. (guilt, shame, depression, frustration and the like.)

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"One day out of the blue, I woke up with oral thrush! Well, it wasn’t out of the blue – I quickly learned I had a candida in the gut issue. I knew taking pharmaceuticals wasn’t the answer, so I approached Kelly to help me turn it around naturally. Kelly advised me step by step on how to detox myself and how to experiment and reintroduce foods back into my system. Her recommendations were very intuitive and she held my hand throughout the process. She also tuned into my chakras and gave energy homework to help shift. Kelly’s help has led me to heal the candida and lose a whole size in just 2 weeks. Kelly is gentle, caring, intuitive, positive, thoughtful and spot-on accurate. I feel super safe with her and the experience was stress-free. My intuition resonates with everything she says and I trust Kelly with my well-being. She is WONDERFUL and I can’t wait to heal more things with her. Thank you, Kelly!"

-Ana Coeur

"I was having major relationship and work challenges. I was involved in relationships that brought me pain and unhappiness. I was also working in a job that is not fulfilling when I decided to contact Kelly. Working with someone who is awake and aware, caring, gentle and knowledgeable was refreshing. She knew all the right questions to ask to bring out the truth in me that knows what to do. Through our work together, I set intentions that led to action. I intended to relocate away from the painful relationship and supplement my current job with work that I love. Both are happening now! Kelly is amazing! She knows how to put you at ease while asking just the right questions to help you realize you have all the answers inside yourself. She helps you access your inner wisdom and strength! I am feeling like I can move forward and make real progress. I would love to continue working with Kelly as my life transitions."

-Beth , Virginia.

I felt truly cared for and supported during my sessions with Kelly. Its an incredible feeling when you know someone is standing with and for you. She is an indomitable spirit, and she gently lead me to take some big steps I didn’t have the courage to face alone. She even brought out the lightness and laughter during our time together. Kelly is a phenomenal coach with a heart that will change the world."

- Judy Starn , Santa Fe, NM.

"I knew when I started working with Kelly I had a lot to uncover. I was stuck and in a big way trying to figure out who I was and what I was actually working towards. I felt I lost my directions and was very depressed because of it and never left my house. Kelly had a way of working with me gently, she would ask if I wanted to look further into certain things and never pushed me too hard to work through something I was uncomfortable with. Through a few sessions I was able to see where my life was out of balance and how I needed to get it on track again. I was able to quickly get back on track in my own personal life. I learned about my values and found my purpose. This was empowering. I have made many changes in the last 6 months of working with Kelly. It is worth investing in your personal growth and I highly recommend Kelly."

-L. Silvati , Los Angeles CA.

“Kelly’s ability is astounding. The insight she gave me pulled together all the deep soul healing I’ve been doing, and gave me clarity about the work ahead of me. She saw so clearly all that I’ve been struggling to wrap my mind around! It’s amazing how even a brief conversation was able to open up so much for me!”

- Brianna Hall , Creative Static Studios

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