Reclaim your healthy weight

Kick-Off to Wellness

Intro to instinctual eating?

Make peace with food

Where do you want to be?

How to stop losing and gaining those 10 pounds

Customized instinctual eating plan

Avoid “I give up”

60 minute call 197.00

Complete guide to Instinctual Eating

New approach

Stop judging yourself

Stop “hating on” yourself/body positive

Connect with your inner instincts

How to change your weight “set-point.

What is “normal” for you?

Reclaim your “normal” weight

Plan for success

Mealtime strategies/ successful planning

Intro to energetic healing and resetting “normal.”

90 minute call plus 30 minute follow-up


My Wellness Revolution (signature program)


wk 1= ‘set point’

reset weight

healthy eating plan

wk2=raise vibe with food

chakras and lifestyle choices

ww3= Info from ‘Slow Diet’ changed to be mine



Food quality

Wk4  gut health

balance nutrients

gut health

Meal planning

Wk5= Sacred/say grace/

food ritual/

kitchen witch (magicalmealtimes)

Wk6= Our life story/our wellness archetype

Revisit goals

How to maintain/sustainable lifestyle (recommend other therapies like hypno/sell my other services

HOMEWORK= Give homework (write wellness manifesto )

Follow up with them/talk about my next offer=private coaching (longer term)

6 45 minute weekly calls

list other gifts/benefits

1500. (3 payments of 500.)



Be a part of My Wellness revolution !

Facebook group

Benefits/ make connections

Importance of connecting with others

Contests and giveaways



Short bio with my pic above


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