During my 20’s I was busy having kids and trying to work, study, I was in a challenging relationship, and dealing with a depression that had started to become crushing, I slowly lost touch with all I knew to be true about health.

I sank into a big, scary battle with depression. I had no energy, felt heavy and neglected my body.

In my head I still saw myself as a fit, vital and healthy woman with her shit together, but when I saw my reflection I saw an unhealthy and frumpy woman who wasn’t taking good care of herself.

Through all of the years, I barely “got through” life, not feeling truly successful in anything. Beginning to sink again into the doldrums.


I was diagnosed with a sluggish Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue had set in because I was not taking good care of myself.

I tried many things, going through strict “success,” in which I may have been skinny, but I was not healthy. I was still tired, the Thyroid was still sluggish and I had a hard time maintaining a steady weight.

I tried so many things. I felt good sometimes, but had a hard time maintaining anything. I had a vegetarian diet, vegan, South beach Diet, I even had a trial with the Whole 30 which let to Paleo. I tried so many things. I felt good sometimes, but had a hard time maintaining anything. Eventually my weight was higher than it had ever been in my whole life, it matched my 9 month pregnancy weight with my daughter!!


I felt I didn’t have time to prepare healthy foods and I basically “gave up” on my weight.


Even then, my weight was all over the place! Then I found myself stagnant at the highest weight I’d ever been! Eek! I didn’t fit in my clothes and was so uncomfortable in my own skin, I covered myself in frumpy, shapeless clothing.

I began to draw upon my extensive energy healing background and knowledge, digging up the original, energetic origin of imbalance and dis-ease, excess weight and dietary health, this is extremely effective in making the changes permanent.

I was at such a low, heavy point. I was depressed and felt hopeless, I had a hard time sticking with anything.

I decided to go back to school and I obtained and practiced extensive knowledge about foods, nutrition and the human body.

I was able to heal myself, find energy, energize my Thyroid and balance my Adrenals so I was (and am still) able to easily function.

I now help others do the same!

I now educate, support and encourage others in both physical and energetic aspects of health, this two-pronged process is what’s missing from many health and weight loss programs.

Realizing the importance of community, I started one! If you ever can’t find what you want, create it! That’s what I did and I’m so glad you’ve joined!

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Because I would love to keep in touch. I care (for real) and would love to personally connect!


Kelly St Claire is a Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Certified Crystal Healer, Energy Body Expert, Health Nut and Intuitive Goddess.

She supports you in nutritional wellness, and also helps you get to the heart of the energetic and mindset reasons behind the habits that hold you back.

She loves turning people onto the effective “back end” approach to health along with effective nutritional solutions so you can turn on the body’s natural healing energies.

She is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA,) Certified Crystal Healer, Herbalist and Reiki Master for over 20 years. She has practiced the Intuitive Arts and has given rockin’ readings for over 10 years and is an avid student of Nature.


I renew myself in nature, the woods, mountains, the beach. How about you? Where do you find yourself?

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