What you put in your mouth is a huge part of it, there are other supporting factors to consider to find complete health… Health that lasts.

It’s not limited to what you put in your body. I use other tools like guided visualization and meditation to help you gain control over some of the issues you have around eating, be that emotional or triggered by an old experience that’s still affecting your decisions.


What are some of the things that push you over the edge? I’ll help you identify those things.

Some of the tools from my trusty toolbox.

Meal plan and kitchen organization. Set the stage for success. Can be done virtually or in person.

Practical information learn all about your body. Your diet, a LOT of information and support around dietary and lifestyle, from the physical systems like Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, but also the energy that animates you from your chakras, the light that surrounds you, how your intentions and mindset affect your results.

Guided Imagery. Find the root cause behind why you reach for the bag of chips over and over. Relaxation and self-discovery.

Lifestyle coaching. Making sure your life is working, my unique form of life coaching is crucial to the process. Things will come up, and they must be addressed so you can balance your entire life?

Crystal and energy healing  and I don’t approach it in a “woo” way, I’ll share the science and why it works.

We’re more than just our physical bodies, we are complex beings of energy and to make physical changes (such as eating) without addressing that entire other layer of who you are, the changes aren’t likely to stick. Ever wonder why you never stick to a diet? Why your weight settles at the same place regardless of your efforts?

I’ve changed my life using these tools. I’ve struggled with my weight and body image for years, been diagnosed with sluggish thyroid, have dealt with adrenal fatigue. I’ve lacked discipline and motivation.

Kelly St Claire crystals


I’ve changed my life through nutrition and the foods I choose to eat, and supporting my body and lifestyle through imagery, crystal healing, learning about and and balancing my energy body. Believe me, this addition was KEY!

What has shifted? I reached the bottom, where I was completely fed up with being heavy and tired. I was my heaviest weight and was developing real health problems.

I decided to go back to school and learned all about the human body, holistic nutrition, I learned numerous ways that I used to help myself find health, joy and balance. As a Certified Crystal Healer with a background in energy medicine, I decided to bring these tools out to help others!


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