New Direction!

I want to share something personal. I’ve been MIA, and there’s a reason for that.

plant based diet, how to lose weightI’ve been going inward a lot and have felt there’s something missing, and a way i can help people in a different/more specific way. I have loved helping you improve your health, add more plants to your plate, release weight and I’m still there… 100%, that won’t change.

I’m called back to helping women through their reproductive years in their fertility from women’s health to trying to conceive through pregnancy to lactation and beyond.

I’m a Certified Nutrition & Wellness coach and a trained herbalist and energy healer and I know I can make a difference. I feel so called to be there. It’s in my soul. I decided I am going to follow my intuition and tweak things a bit.

So many women suffer through different issues. Sluggish thyroid, PCOS, PMS, infertility, adrenal fatigue. I *know* that straightening out your nutrition and getting what you need will help relieve the symptoms and get to the root of the problems. Sometimes through your food, sometimes supplements, sometimes herbals… There’s also another area that many coaches/teachers don’t approach. I use a two-pronged approach and I am so excited to be there in this way.

Stay tuned. I’m currently working *very* hard to prepare these things. I have a ’15 day weight release’ program to help you balance things out (not a diet, it’s an introduction to a new way of eating and how to make it easy and enjoyable.) I’s coming out very soon. I’m looking at the 17th of April. I am so excited.

I have another important announcement coming up soon. I’m keeping it in for a bit longer… Look for an announcement soon.

I am so open to your thoughts and opinions. *How * can I help you? I care. Contact me or comment here.

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