What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness. A pleasant, voluntary state of relaxation and focused concentration. In the hypnotic state you can communicate directly with the subconscious mind. Your body is very relaxed, and the mind is still focused and able to concentrate on the voice of the hypnotherapist.


red candleHow does it work?

When you are in such a deep, altered state of awareness, the hypnotherapist can communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where all of your patterns of behavior and programming are stored. Working in the hypnotic state will help heal, release and reprogram deep seated fear/anxiety, patterns of behavior and habitual responses. It’s an option in my process of Wellness Coaching because getting to and dismantling those programs running within us 24/7 is crucial when making real, lasting change, rather than putting band-aids on things.

Lightbody Wellness Hypnotherapy sessions include CRYSTAL PLACEMENT/HEALING <—-Click there to see how it works. This is how Lightbody is different! Hypnotherapy combined with crystal healing therapy allows us to get deeper and create sustainable results.


What can hypnosis “cure”?

Hypnosis isn’t a cure, it is a way to turn off the distraction of the logical part of your brain to let the creative and non-logical part of the brain come out to play! That state allows the hypnotherapist with your permission, make suggestions designed to get to the root of the issues and dis-ease including weight release, changing habits, smoking cessation, fears and anxiety (phobias and social anxiety, etc.) Hypnosis is a way to go deep down and release the inner programming and root issue that contributes to the symptoms you are having.


Is hypnosis the same as sleep?

In a hypnotic state, the body is in a profound state of relaxation and the brain is in a focused state of attention. The brain goes into the same altered states as it does during the sleep process, but the difference is the focus. The ability to focus on the voice of the hypnotherapist. At times the voice may fade away to the conscious mind, you will still have the same results. Sometimes you will fully remember your experience, and other times you’ll have no conscious memory. The benefits are the same.


47364040 - snow against woman being hypnotized with stones on her bodyIs it possible to get stuck in hypnosis? 

No, since it is a voluntary state, you don’t lose control of yourself during a hypnotherapy session. You can come out of hypnosis anytime you want to. At the end of  a session, the hypnotherapist will count you out of the hypnotic state, but if I stopped talking for long enough, you wake at your own pace. You will not remain in a twilight state,


Can I be made to do things I don’t want to do, or say things I don’t want to say?

You are always in control and can not be made to do things against your better judgment. You’re not unconscious, your conscious mind it just very relaxed allowing the subconscious mind to communicate and be communicated with. If something is against your will or ethics, you cannot be made to do it.


Can anyone be hypnotized?

Technically, anyone can be hypnotized, but not everyone wants to be. Willingness, being open to it, and importantly, trusting your hypnotherapist, is key.


What if I want to book a session?

Click here and scroll down to my contact form to apply. We can determine if you are a good candidate.


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