What if I fall off of the wagon?

No one is perfect and if you’ve committed to a full plant based diet, it can be a challenge, especially when you’re out to eat. It’s also hard at parties (and we’re coming up on holiday party season.)


I actually fell a bit last night, I was at a restaurant and thought I was ordering plant based/dairy free. Well, when my salad came the dressing was definitely not dairy free. I was so hungry that I decided not to send it back. I had my plant based soup and a few bites of the salad. I regretted it later in my belly, I got so upset in my stomach, I was saved at home by a fragrant tea that contained fennel and anise. That alone had me back on track and this morning is a new start, actually, the new start was seconds after I took the bites and decided it was a bad idea. The new start doesn’t have to be the ‘next day.’ It can be immediately!


You can jump back on at any time! It’s not a crime to fall. Sometimes you pay, as I did. Other times you may go unconscious in your eating for a few days (or even longer!) It’s ok, as I said, no crime.


If you ‘re off your path and want to jump back on and find your inner resolve, support helps. I just created a local support circle for other Richmond, VA people and I’m also planning a virtual support circle for those of you in other areas. Support includes a pace to be re-motivated and strategize ways to once again raise yourself up to a higher level.


Through the choices you make you can either lower or raise your consciousness and we can discuss some simple ways to add more high frequency/plant based/nourishing foods into your daily life!


vegan support circleThere are many other support circles and products/detox plans that help you in your diet, but this approach is different, we focus on food frequency, foods that lift you up, make you lighter in body and spirit, and bring you joy and confidence! Also, you’ll be able to share the love/live by example even if your family chooses to eat in a different way!


If you’re interested in the support circle, sign up HERE to get on the list and I’ll send you details as soon as they’re up. I’m planning on mid-October.


If you’re interested in more private support and one on one coaching (which is so powerful!) CLICK HERE and send me a request for more information. I offer a 3 Session renewal and also a 90 Day Sustainable Change Program. Each program is tailored to you, it’s individual, so tell me a little about yourself.


If you’ve been meaning to eat better but keep putting it off, want to add more healthy food into your diet, need to lighten up, want to go mostly (or all) plant based, this might be the thing for you. FIND out by connecting with me.

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